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6 Must-Have Digital Marketing Tools For Your Team

You must know that technology is always changing, and is ever-evolving. The same holds true for digital marketing because of its high dependency on technology to get work done. Marketers now have the option of automating mundane, repetitive tasks, collaborating effectively and augmenting techniques and skills to keep up with high demands. The evolution of technology has given marketers digital marketing tools that have made all of this possible. 

If you are looking for the best digital marketing tools out there, let me tell you, you have a pool of options to choose from. Therefore, you first need to be aligned with the nature of your business, and its mission and then choose the right tools that serve your business. 

However, there are some tools that just make life easier for a marketer irrespective of the industry they are in or what they want to achieve with the business. So, in this blog, we will disclose our top digital marketing tools that a marketer should definitely have in their toolbox. 



By assisting businesses in identifying and segmenting their social media audiences, tools like Audiense elevate listening to a new level. Running highly focused advertising campaigns and delving into your consumer personalities are both made simpler by doing this. You’d be astonished at how much you can discover by looking at demographics, personality traits, and other topics just through social media. 

The platform offered by Audiense, which largely focuses on Twitter, is excellent for B2C businesses seeking to better understand their target market as well as B2B firms interested in prospecting. This may also be a helpful tool if you want to run Twitter ads in 2022.  



A wide range of SendGrid’s email marketing services is completely user-friendly for both email newbies and seasoned pros. The platform, for instance, provides various design possibilities through coding, drag-and-drop visual editing, or a combination of both. SendGrid also includes comprehensive deliverability and performance statistics that show advertisers which messages are effective and which require improvement. 

There are more email marketing tools available for your digital marketing agency. However, SendGrid’s perpetually free plan for start-up companies and adjustable pricing that adapts to your needs as your list grows are both significant benefits, though.



When it comes to generating keyword suggestions and possibilities to rank, Ahrefs is the industry standard. You can verify any URL’s top organic keywords using the platform’s site explorer, and you can also determine how much traffic a rival receives for a specific search phrase. Additionally, you can locate a website’s best-performing articles and backlinking resources.

Moreover, Ahrefs is an excellent tool for both competition analysis and ensuring that your existing content is suitable for search. So even your social media marketing agency can make use of Ahrefs to spot trends and create content for not just websites but also social media posts. 



ConvertKit offers sophisticated sequences—multi-step email journeys—to raise your email open rates. Additionally, ConvertKit’s audience segmentation system, known as rules, provides sophisticated automation for your email sequences, which you can create in a matter of minutes rather than hours. Moreover, all links included in your email sequences are monitored and reported on a simple dashboard. 

You can also design stunning email opt-in forms with ConvertKit that are simple to link with the CRM platform of your choosing by copying and pasting code into your articles. Try ConvertKit if you’re searching for an affordable, user-friendly digital marketing tool for email marketing that offers sophisticated automation and segmentation with a variety of API connectors. 



One of the most popular workplace communication tools today is Slack, an excellent tool for team collaboration and communication. It operates in channels set aside for specific information, preventing tangents like where everyone wants to get lunch as the team from interrupting or cutting off business conversations. It promotes, breaks down silos, and focuses teamwork among employees. You have the flexibility to join or quit channels as needed, making it a fantastic tool for networking and getting to know people in the digital marketing industry. 

Being such a widely used communication route, it offers numerous tools that it has extensive integrations. For example, many teams will conduct A/B tests, analytics monitoring, lead nurturing, transaction notifications, or even sales or customer care bots. You can add a seemingly endless number of connectors and Slack applications to make the tool even more potent. Despite its undeniable strength, Slack is simple to use and may be used right away.



The amount of business you may bring to your company depends on your landing pages. 

If you are running PPC campaigns, for instance, Google AdWords may issue a landing page quality score that could either help or hinder your efforts to increase sales.

With Unbounce, you can create practical and aesthetically beautiful responsive landing pages that are optimised for both mobile and desktop traffic. Making landing pages doesn’t require any programming, however, it does require attention-grabbing content that also retains and redirects the visitors. Therefore, this is a great digital marketing tool for your content writing agency as well. 

You have all you need in the drag-and-drop editor to build the experience you want for your target audience. Javascript and custom HTML are options if you want to add more sophisticated features. Over 120 third-party application integrations are available through Unbounce. 

Working in digital marketing requires a special fusion of drive, planning, and media knowledge. Having the greatest tools available will help you maximise the impact of your various efforts. Bookmark this article and revisit it next time you want to upgrade your digital marketing toolbox. 

All the best! 

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