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Best Way to Run Twitter Ads in 2022

Twitter ads 2022

Twitter is undoubtedly one of the best and the top social media platforms to exist in 2022. 

According to DataReportal, advertisers can reach about 465.1 million Twitter users in 2022 making it one of the most active social media platforms out there. 

If you aren’t advertising on Twitter, you are missing the potential of this social media giant. Twitter may display many types of advertisements, such as Promoted Ads, Follower Ads, and Trend Takeovers. Twitter may display these adverts while you are logged in or out of Twitter. They are readily identified by a “Promoted” symbol. Most sponsored material may be interacted with in the same manner that organic content can.

The platform may utilise your Twitter activities to tailor Twitter Ads when you follow, Tweet, search, browse or engage with Tweets or Twitter accounts. Twitter may also tailor advertising based on information collected by Twitter and its affiliates as well as information shared by its ad partners, such as a hashed email address, a mobile device identifier, or browser-related information (a browser cookie ID).

When it comes to running ads on Twitter for your business, there is a pool full of opportunities. This article will share with you some of the best ways to run Twitter ads in 2022. 

Finalise Your Budget 

The budget for you may differ depending on the type of ads you want to run. 

  • Twitter promoted ads average about $0.25 to $2 (Rs.19 to Rs. Rs 160) per click. 
  • Twitter follower ads average about $2 to $4 (Rs.160  to Rs. Rs. 320) per follow.
  • Twitter takeovers average about $200,000 (Rs.1,59,27,003)  per day.

Choose Your Set-Up 

You can run a combination of ads on Twitter so invest time in researching what your competitors are doing and make your choices accordingly. You may want to choose a different path from your competitors in order to stand out! 

You can also partner with a digital marketing agency to provide you with the expertise required for your marketing strategy to succeed!

Promoted Ads 

Promoted advertising are tweets that you sponsor in order to boost your results. Because they behave similarly to genuine tweets, Twitter users can respond, retweet, or like them. They may display on the timeline, user profiles, and search results.

Because they are sponsored, promoted tweets allow you to reach a significantly larger target audience. These advertisements may be used to support any point of your advertising funnel, from awareness to consideration to conversion.

To create a sponsored ad, open Ads Manager and create a new campaign. You may select from a variety of objectives, including reach, engagement, and website traffic. Choose whether to utilise Twitter’s auto-bid feature or to specify a goal cost or maximum bid. It should be noted that auto bid is always accessible, while other alternatives are dependent on the purpose.

Video & Image Ads 

Twitter is now a vital platform in the booming era of social media marketing as we know it. Hence it is wise to keep up with all the standards of Twitter advertising.

Twitter suggests creative images with a ratio of 1:1 or 1.91:1 for picture advertising. If your picture doesn’t exactly suit those specifications, you could resize it using the Tweet Composer’s built-in image cropper.

Twitter has similar creative requirements for videos, requiring them to have a ratio of 1:1 or 16:9. Your video commercial can typically last for up to 2 minutes and 20 seconds. Select advertisers, on the other hand, can broadcast video commercials lasting up to 10 minutes. You may make a request through the Twitter account manager.

Twitter automatically converts your image into a website card. If you’re marketing an app, change the card type. Then, to construct your sponsored tweet, include a title (up to 70 characters), a URL, and ad content (up to 280 characters).

You can even advertise a mix of videos and images with a Carousel ad of up to 6 slides.  

Twitter Text Ad 

Use Twitter Composer to create text ads on Twitter. When creating ads on social media like Twitter, refrain from adding any media type with a text ad.

You can manage who may react to or engage with your text ad in the same way you do with any other material you publish in the Tweet Composer. To update the settings, click the Everyone Can Reply option and select People You Follow or Only People You Mention. It is important to note that adjusting these parameters can have a significant impact on the amount of interaction your ad receives.

Twitter Follower Ads 

If you want to grow your Twitter account. Unlike promoted advertisements, which promote content that is within or outside Twitter, follower ads just promote your account. With Follower Ads, you can increase your Twitter followers, build a community around your brand, and garner prospects that you can push down the marketing funnel. 

Although clusters of similar audiences can be targeted, follower advertising frequently performs best utilising Twitter’s targeting options. To locate your target audience, consider utilising keywords, interests, or discussion themes. Alternatively, you may target rivals’ audiences by using the follower lookalike option.

twitter for business

Twitter Takeover 

While the majority of Twitter advertisements rely on the platform’s auction, Twitter takeover ads allow you to secure particular locations and premium placements. They last for 24 hours, giving your company prime space on Twitter.

You can’t create these advertisements in Ads Manager since they aren’t self-service. Instead, you must contact Twitter directly for further information. But first, become acquainted with the three different forms of Twitter takeover advertisements.

Twitter Trend Takeover & Takeover+

This ad type shows at the top of the For You and Trends lists, above the top trending subject and any suggested hashtags. That means that anyone interested in what’s hot will most likely see your ad.

Timeline Takeover 

With a timeline takeover, your ad is the first thing people see when they open their timelines for the first time that day. That is, with this location, you may reach the greatest number of individuals and dramatically increase exposure.

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