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Top 5 SEO Reporting Tools That Every Agency Should Use

Top 5 SEO Reporting Tools That Every Agency Should Use

Your clients rely on you to provide tangible outcomes and achieve KPIs that advance their companies.

It can be challenging to comprehend the details of how things operates, therefore it’s critical to show your development and efforts.

SEO reporting tools present key indicators in an easily understandable and appealing manner. They eliminate guesswork and manual referencing while emphasising accomplishments over a given period of time.

A fantastic tool can also assist you in developing actionable items, evaluating the effectiveness of campaigns, and obtaining tangible data for novel evaluations.

Every so often, the newest and purportedly best tools appear on the market, promising to revolutionise the way you perform reports.

Undoubtedly, there are a few things to consider before picking which programme to use. The most crucial factors to take into account are cost, features, and convenience of usage.

A low-cost instrument with a challenging learning curve might not be worthwhile given its characteristics. Similar to this, a pricey product that is easy to use but could quickly add up in expenditures might seem more enticing.

To choose the best option for you, you must thoroughly consider the benefits and drawbacks, just like with any revolutionary business choice.

The Qualities Of SEO Reporting Tools

Making sense of the resources at your disposal and deciding which will help your organisation the most might be challenging.

Here are the top 10 criteria for SEO reporting tools.

the top 10 criteria for SEO reporting tools.

Up-to-date and precise regional data

Data is everything in SEO reporting. The software must have access to precise and recent data that is localized to the region that your client is trying to reach.

Localization is important because search data from the US is useless if your client wants to rank for [bengaluru plumbing services].

So that you can decide how your client compares to the competition, the tool’s data must be updated frequently and with dependable precision.

Integration With Tools From Third Parties

It is crucial to have the capacity to report on all KPIs in one location, especially for large-scale digital marketing efforts. Stay up to date with the digital marketing trends of today for best results!

The more third-party tool integrations (such Majestic, Google Business Profile, and Google Analytics) that are offered, the better.

Even custom data sets can be uploaded using some programmes.


Every time your agency moves up a tier, you don’t want to have to retrain your staff or invest in new software.

The ideal SEO reporting tool should be suitable for the size of your organization at the moment and provide opportunity for growth as you add more customers. You can reach out experienced SEO consultants for help if you need any. 

A Powerful Array Of Features

A Powerful Array Of Features

What should be on a decent SEO reporting tool?

  • tracking of position.
  • tracking of backlinks.
  • data about rivals.
  • Analytics.

To make the product a complete digital marketing suite, it is advantageous if it incorporates reporting functions for social media, email marketing, call monitoring, and/or sponsored advertisements. Consult with a digital marketing agency for best results.

Constantly Enhanced And Updated Features SEO reporting tools should also be changing.

The capacity of a tool to incorporate new features is crucial as we proceed with the transition from website optimization to web presence optimization.

Reports can be customised

Different KPIs, objectives, and priorities will apply to each client.

A key factor in effective marketing campaigns and customer retention is providing the information that customers want to see.

Your preferred reporting tool should be able to highlight the appropriate information at the appropriate moments.

Integration of clients

Client consideration is essential in an effective SEO reporting tool.

It should include a quick review of the fundamentals and make it simple for customers to go further into the data.

This could entail automated summary reporting or round-the-clock client dashboard access.

White Label Reporting Capability

Although white labelling is not required (no client will object to seeing a report with the Google logo in the top corner), it helps maintain branding consistency and gives everything you deliver a client a professional gloss.

Access to Resources for Support

When you hit a roadblock, good support resources might help you discover a turnoff.

Finding the assistance you require to resolve the issue is crucial, whether it be thorough support manuals, a chat feature/support desk, or responsive customer service on social media.

Cost-To-Value Ratio

It is feasible to achieve greater results with a free reporting tool than one that costs a fortune, provided you follow the right procedures, put in the necessary effort, and take advantage of support resources.

This could entail automated summary reporting or round-the-clock client dashboard access.

Top 5 SEO reporting tools

Top 5 SEO Reporting Tools

Based on the aforementioned standards, we evaluated five of the most well-liked SEO reporting tools, and this is how they compare:


A good reporting tool for agencies at the beginning or intermediate level is AgencyAnalytics. It is one of the simplest technologies on this list to utilise for small- to medium-sized agencies.

With unlimited staff and client logins, a white-label dashboard, and automated branded reports, it starts at $12 per month, per client. The first two categories translate to $60 per month and $180 per month, respectively, due to the minimum purchase requirements. However, being able to adjust the payment based on the quantity of clients may help you keep costs in check.

AgencyAnalytics offers more than 70 third-party data connectors that are supported.

However, because of the reliance on third-party data, you run the risk of receiving reports that aren’t complete if the transmission is interrupted.

Even while new integrations are constantly being introduced, they may initially have issues, making it risky to share them with clients until they are fixed.

It offers real-time transparency by enabling clients to log in and examine daily data changes.

Customized automated reports are available, and a drag-and-drop customised dashboard makes it simple to highlight important KPIs.

SE Ranking 

Plans for SE Ranking start at $39.20 per month, but if you need historical data or more than 10 projects, you’ll need the $87.20 per month plan.

The on-screen instruction makes setup simple as it walks you through each step.

SE Ranking offers a robust selection of SEO-related capabilities, such as backlink analysis, keyword suggestion, rival SEO research, historical position tracking, and more.

Zapier, which enables users to connect thousands of apps and offer a high level of automation between apps like Klipfolio, Salesforce, HubSpot, and Google Apps, is integrated with SE Ranking.

At the beginning to advanced levels, SE Ranking is a useful SEO reporting tool.

If your organisation needs more complex customizations or more technical solutions, you might want to seek a different approach.


Semrush’s features reflect the fact that it is one of the reporting tools on the list that is most focused on SEO.

It’s one of the more expensive products on the list with the agency package starting at $229.95 a month. However, Semrush offers a comprehensive set of tools that may be mastered at an advanced level.

Semrush’s one user login per account is a serious drawback, especially for budget-conscious companies.

The cost of purchasing separate licenses for every SEO analyst or account manager quickly mounts up, and the number of users you may add is constrained by the features of the plan. This makes scaling a problem.

Depending on your subscription level, Semrush offers both branded and white-label reports. With more than 800 million keywords being tracked, it makes use of a proprietary data stream.

The “projects” component, which is constantly increasing, includes anything from social media analysis to backlink monitoring and position tracking. 

Despite not being under the purview of SEO reporting directly, Semrush’s innovation makes it a one-stop shop for many agencies.

Ad Builder, a feature that aids in creating engaging Google Ads ad content, SEO Content strategy and Social Media Poster, which enables agencies to plan client social media posts, are examples of project features.

Semrush’s relatively high cost is compensated by the variety of capabilities it unifies under one roof, especially if you can eliminate other unnecessary applications.

Looker Studio

Looker Studio, formerly Google Data Studio, is a Google service that has expanded significantly since its debut.

Although it is significantly more complicated to set up than the majority of the other tools on this list, it should be simple for staff members who are familiar with Google Analytics.

In case you aren’t sure, Looker Studio is totally free.

Superior connectivity with other Google products like Analytics, Search Console, Google Ads, and YouTube is a big benefit of this programme.

It permits third-party data integration, just like other reporting tools, but what sets it distinct is the capacity to query data from databases like MySQL, PostgreSQL, and Google’s Cloud SQL.

With the right configuration, you may tailor reports with significant KPIs by using lead and customer data. Even sales information can be included for clients who use eCommerce.

The option to import templates saves time and effort even though the first setup will require considerably more technical knowledge.

Additionally, you can make your own templates that more accurately represent your procedures and that you can distribute to clients. To assist you in getting started, Google also provides introductory video walkthroughs.

Authority Labs 

If you need a simple position-tracking tool, Authority Labs does the trick.

Although white-label reporting requires the $99 per month account, Authority Labs is available for $49 per month for unlimited users.

You can set automated reports, view insights into “(not given)” keywords, monitor rival keywords, and follow regional ranking statistics.

To give clients a complete SEO reporting picture, you will need to augment this tool because it lacks other crucial capabilities like backlink monitoring or analytic data. Refer to the various blogs on Link-building strategies for 2023 for effective implementation 

There are numerous high-quality SEO reporting tools available. Their capacity to serve the needs of your clientele determines how valuable they are.

While Looker Studio offers more sophisticated reporting tools if you can handle a higher entry barrier, SE Ranking has an excellent cost-to-value ratio.

Client access is prioritized by Agency Analytics, which is significant if transparency is one of your agency’s key values.

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