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We always encourage and suggest you publish your content in more than one format. If you blog regularly, try your hands at creating infographics. If you already do that, try exploring the niche of videos or even the recently booming, podcast.

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71% of Marketers Find It Difficult To Satisfy Customers

A new report released by Salesforce’s State of Marketing reveals the hard truth about the relationship between marketers and customers- 71% of marketers are struggling to meet customer needs. The situation is further complicated by employee turnover and budget limitations. The report also discusses the scope and challenges faced by the marketing industry in 2022.

 As 2022 is nearing its end in a couple of months, the report also guides marketers by providing some critical best practices to adapt to future challenges like the loss of access to third-party cookies. The data that contributed to this report is based on 6000 marketing respondents across 35 nationalities and the analysis of trillions of outbound marketing communications through the Salesforce platform. 

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What Challenges Affected Marketers The Most In 2022?


The biggest challenge marketers face in 2022 is their inability to meet customer expectations-71% of respondents point their fingers at the complexity of the system. Even though they put in the right amount of effort to engage with them in real-time across multiple marketing platforms, the following factors are making their efforts futile: 

  • Ineffective utilization of technologies and tools
  • Gauging attribution or marketing ROI
  • Finding the right balance between personalization and superior customer experience

33% of marketing professionals believe that marketing efforts on a low budget are affecting the effectiveness of their marketing. This challenge is particularly evident in the manufacturing, life sciences, and technology industries. To rub salt into the wound, the phenomena of “quite quitting”, “ Great Resignation”, and layoffs are also affecting the overall efficacy of marketing teams. Despite all those drawbacks, 87% of marketers are satisfied with the value of their work as compared to last year. 

What Should Marketers Prioritise In 2023?


The survey report recommends the following marketing elements to prioritise in 2023. 

  • Leverage better tools and technologies
  • Try out new marketing tactics and strategies
  • Embrace modernization in terms of tools and technologies

According to most respondents, there will be double the number of data sources in 2023 from 2021. 

Interestingly, 75% of respondents continue to use third-party data, including cookies from aggregators or data brokers and identifiers as part of their marketing strategy. At the same time, 68% of marketers are prepping to quit using third-party data and start using zero-party and first-party data. 

Another interesting finding is a steady increase in the number of marketers incorporating AI tools into their marketing strategy- 68% already have a fully-established AI strategy. 

What Will Customers Need In 2022 And Beyond?

Customers are more inclined towards experiencing a highly personalised experience with businesses- 56% of customers want personalization in every offer they receive. 

Brands have already started to positively respond to this by investing in a mix of channels and technologies capable of tailoring outreach and building rapport with customers. 

Customers also want brands to be transparent- 88% expect brands to clearly communicate their values. 

You can read Salesforce’s full report if you need more information on the current status of marketing.

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Key Steps For Effective Target Audience Analysis

Since specific consumer groups are always drawn to particular items and services, businesses cannot appeal to the entire general market. Businesses must therefore analyse their existing clientele to ascertain which consumer demographics favour each product line. That’s the purpose that an effective target audience analysis serves. 

With target audience analysis, companies can better understand what motivates their customers to make purchases and their typical pain points by doing a target market analysis. This makes developing effective advertisements and launching new items simpler. 

For instance, you need to identify your primary target market in order to get potential clients to a website and then persuade them to make a purchase. You need to be well aware of this target market’s desires, purchasing processes, and expected added value from services.

Connecting with the customer is everything and you can formulate a good SEO strategy to do this. This only works if you choose your target audience carefully, and use the right form of content to communicate with them on the appropriate platform. The target group’s wants are to be as accurately catered to as possible using this approach. That is why I put this blog together to help you understand the crucial steps that go into effective target audience analysis. But before we get into that, let’s know the tools you can use for performing target audience analysis. 

target analysis

What Tools Can I Use For Effective Target Audience Analysis? 

You may better target your audience and reach them on the platforms and locations they frequent by understanding the demographics of your brand’s target market.

There are several ways to examine the demographics of your target market and current visitors, and you may already have the tools necessary to start data mining installed. These include:

  • Social media analytics (present natively on each platform)
  • Google Analytics 
  • Content Resource Management (CRM) systems such as WordPress 
  • Surveys, Feedbacks 
  • SemRush, Ahrefs 

There are many paid and unpaid tools available out there. Ask your digital marketing agency which tools should your business use to perform target audience analysis. 

Now, let us understand the steps that are involved in performing target audience analysis. 

purchase behaviour

Exploring Purchase Behaviours 

Target group analysis is largely concerned with the lifestyle and behaviour of the target group, including why they buy, when they buy, and through what channels, as opposed to the target audience or target group definition which focuses on socio-demographic information. You should know the answers to the following inquiries in order to comprehend the difficulties clients encounter:

  • What best describes their current condition in life?
  • What demands still go unfulfilled by customers?
  • What drives the targeted clients’ purchases?
  • Who decides or has an impact on the purchase?
  • Where do they shop, and when?
  • What is the frequency of purchases?

But how can you find out about the purchasing habits of your target market? Asking them is the simplest course of action! In many instances, asking people directly is the simplest and most effective technique, whether it’s getting them to engage in qualitative surveys or using chat features on the website. 

In most cases, the amount of data you collect will be huge and taking the help of an SEO agency to make sense of the data and use insight drawn from it to target customers is a great idea. 


Identify & Analyse The Potential Demographics 

It’s not a good idea to solely serve customers who are interested in your company. Businesses should always search for fresh client demographics. The same holds true for SEO for which you can follow this SEO guide

Identifying the potential demographics of people who might be your target audience is the next step in understanding them. Utilize polls, surveys, sample trials, and your website’s visitor data to better understand the possible audience demographics and what they could be interested in. This will assist you in determining the appropriate demographic to target and in defining any new ones.

Start with your current clients if you want to identify potential customers for your goods and services. Ask your sales team what motivates clients to make purchases from you.

Try to comprehend what the main influencing aspects are for your company. What are the most popular things they purchase, what is the typical cost, and what other information?

Use Google Analytics to gain in-depth knowledge of the buyer’s current demographics and online interactions with your company. Additionally, by finding more people that are similar to your consumers, you are in a better position to generate more leads and eventually convert them into buying customers. 


Keep Your Competition Close 

Understanding how your competitors are operating better provides a simple means of learning what the customers find appealing and why.

You can start by monitoring their social media posts, their content strategies and keeping track of the content marketing trends they follow. Following this, you can work closely with your content writing agency to create content for your target audience. 

Also, work with your own team and answer these questions while monitoring your competitors. 

  • What do clients buy from them?
  • What are their methods for setting prices?
  • Which social media platforms produce the most engagement for them?
  • What are their strengths and disadvantages, based on reviews?

Perform a thorough investigation of the website of your rival and hunt for illuminating metrics. Concentrate on the top-performing keywords, pages, and rival websites. There will always be companies vying for the same customers, no matter how niche a market area may be. Management must therefore identify their greatest rivals and ascertain

Untangling this web and getting your website to appear on the top page of SERPs requires an understanding of your target demographic. Be persistent in your execution and keep targeting the appropriate audience.

All the best! 

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