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Understanding Social Media Algorithms in 2022

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Increase brand visibility and form long-term relationships with target audience. The marketing tactics deployed by each business depends on the end goal of the business.

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Meta plans to read people’s mind

Remember, in 2017 when Meta announced that it was going to build technology, funded by Facebook, to read people’s minds? There was an outcry against this which ended with Facebook finally recalling its aid. 

Now, Meta is back again with this idea! Though Meta already is aware of what you engage with, share and like. It already has science in place to predict your moves and give relevant suggestions that are highly personalised. 

This isn’t as safe or friendly as it sounds!

Meta did try to pacify the situation by explaining that this groundbreaking technology was for medical use. Such as helping people with brain damage and paralysis to communicate. 

However noble the thought might be, this privacy-invasive idea occurring to Meta is alarming. Meta did quietly drop the idea and sought lesser invasive methods such as wristbands to collect data.

Has it? NO. 

Meta has sought a new way of reading people’s minds – this time not as invasive as using brain-implanted chips.

The new process uses EEG and MEG waves, recorded via sensors on the head, so as to ‘read’ the brain signals thereby translating them to words. 

You can be rightfully worried that there is an AI that’s programmed to see through you. 

Well, that being said, this new study would have some highly valuable medical uses. 

This isn’t the first time someone has landed on the concept of creating communication technologies for people who have suffered traumatic brain injuries and those unable to move or speak. 

Meta, in its announcement, mentioned that with these “noninvasive brain recordings”, “people’s lives could dramatically improve”. 

When this is achieved, this is going to be a groundbreaking invention in the medical field. 

However, if the metaverse develops, it could lead to paranoia among people as you would begin getting targeted content based on your thoughts. Mark Zuckerberg hopes this would be a game-changer to the way personalization of content could be done. 

This is definitely freak worthy.

If you’ve heard the term “living off the grid” and thought that didn’t make sense, it is time now that you give it serious thought. Well, do so before it gets rewritten by metaverse.

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