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I Want my website to rank on Page 1 of Google Search!

That headline is what 99% of business / website owners ask of us when we are talking SEO. And as the discussion matures we both realise that while there is merit in the very statement or demand or expectation from a Digital Marketing Agency what it lacks is a clear understanding of why and on which keywords.

The Golden Key to SEO rankings on Googleat the heart of a good search engine optimisation strategy is the keyword. Given the singular it is, it brings about many a challenge for an SEO company especially in India. What needs to be understood and is also the reason I writing this blog piece is that – the keyword is mis-read, mis-used, mis-understood and mis-interpreted in most cases. And why is that? that’s because all that a client asks for is to be ranked on some keywords which he feels are important or those which his friends have said they can’t seem to find his website on or some keywords where his/her competition is ranking but his/her business is not. Should that be the real reason why a business should look for a professional seo services company. Actually the reasons would be fine if we were a mediocre Search Engine Optimisation company, but to us they don’t smell “Business”.

Business growth is closely linked to a marketing strategy isn’t it? then why not look at google search marketing as a strategic ploy to outnumber the competition not just on search results rankings but also visitors, average time spent, engagement and conversion metrics. Makes sense right !

At Virtual Snipers we call this the relevancy test.

Does a keyword become relevant just because someone says it right?

Does a keyword become relevant because competition is ranking on it?

What about the keywords ability to bring in website visitors and also the impact on website conversions? isn’t this important? This question is the heart of the relevancy test.

The most relevant question about relevancy is how relevant is the keyword with respect to the product / service that the client is wanting to sell? Having found these the next step is to analyse if the keywords have some interest i.e. are they being searched? How do you know that? Well google has an excellent tool called the Google Keywords Planner tool which very recently got some cool enhancements and has become more usable than ever. And what does this tool do? it not only tells you the searches that happened on the keywords you have chosen but also gives you 100′s of keyword suggestions based on your input. Isn’t that fantastic! Now you have a much larger base of keywords than what you started with and not just that you also know the potential of each keyword in terms of its ability to drive traffic and its relevance to conversions (a good ads campaign will also guide on keywords that convert, this will speed up your Google SEO too). Super work by google I say!
I Want my website to rank on Page 1 of Google Search! 1
So, step one is to find the relevant SEO Keywords to rank on search engines.

This done what we do is evaluate each keyword for its potential and then suggest the best keywords to the client based on various analyses. And don’t be surprised that you might just be ranking on of some of these new found keywords, if your website was designed and developed correctly knowing what google search loves. Needless to say if good on-page search engine optimisation was done when building the website then the chances that Google picked some indexed pages of your website to rank among the first 10 pages for relevant keywords.

Keywords identified, relevancy established, lets get started with optimising your website for search engine rankings.

It is important to get the foundation of SEO right with the correct keywords, a robust SEO content strategy and then start monitoring results.

Happy Ranking !

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