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Tata Housing gives Social Selling a boost with Facebook tie-up – aims to sell real estate in Goa

Yup, it’s happening. It was always meant to happen sooner or later.  Given the role of social media in everyone’s lives today, many small brands have already started using social media marketing to move a step ahead of just engaging – to selling.

Infact small entrepreneurs who work from home or are generating a 2nd income from their expertise have been trying to use social media for business and some I know have been very successful.

There is no doubt that Google Adwords is still the no. 1 currently when it comes to driving sales for small and large organisations but the fact that Facebook is where more time is spent means it had to be leveraged better for marketing. Kirtiga Reddy MD of Facebook put it succinctly “This initiative will provide inspiration to other brands to drive awareness, generate leads and deliver sales on Facebook.

Big brand tata housing has added fuel to social commerce with its Facebook tie up. Real estate is a growing category as vacation homes and 2nd homes have become a key alternate investment option for those who can afford it. We will be watching the campaign closely on behalf of our clients.

Check out details of the facebook tata housing campaign tie-up. A live mint article suggests “The initiative is in line with the company’s target to generate over 30% of its overall sales online in the next five years.”

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