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What is a digital PR campaign, and what are some examples to use as a model for your upcoming campaign?

digital PR Campaigns

Digital PR can be defined as a strategy used to increase brand awareness using methods like websites, blogs, social media, etc. The main purpose of a digital PR campaigns is to use methods and techniques to attract customers on digital platforms. 

Businesses always benefit from digital PR in the ways listed below:

1. It helps to secure backlinks as a result the SEO ranking of the website increases.

2. It helps new organizations to build a reputation among their audience.

3. An increase in website traffic increases the possibility of lead generation. 

4. Also, once a brand is recognized, more people than likely buy from it. Consequently increase the sale. 

Here are some excellent examples that digital marketing agencies came up with:

Invent your own Cadbury campaign

This was a social media marketing campaign launched by Cadbury. In this campaign, users were asked to participate in a contest to create their own version of Cadbury. A participant was expected to mention three ingredients, give it a mix, give the Cadbury a name and put a short statement mentioning why their bar is a winner. 

What is a digital PR campaign, and what are some examples to use as a model for your upcoming campaign? 1

Flipkart’s campaign on gender equality

This was a campaign launched by Flipkart in 2018. It had a tagline, “Let’s raise a generation of equals!” and was promoted with a hashtag, ‘#Genderequal’. The intent of this video advertisement was to promote the concept of raising children based on their dreams and choices and not just give them opportunities based on their gender. The ad was very much appreciated and garnered over 3 crores views.

 Change of social media handles and app icons to promote facemask: 

Many internet companies like Zomato, Dunzo, MakeMyTrip etc. changed their social media handles and app icon. These icons were set to promote the wearing of masks among its users during the peak of the COVID-19 pandemic.  This initiative was later joined by many celebrities including Dia Mirza, Vidya Balan, Sonu Sood etc. The initiative reached over 100 million on various digital platforms like Facebook. Instagram, Twitter etc.

Canva uses SEO

Canva, an online tool to design content helps to attract more users through Search Engine Optimization. Canva ensures to use high quality and content targeting keywords so that their website appears on the top of the search engine result page.  

What is a digital PR campaign, and what are some examples to use as a model for your upcoming campaign? 2

Samsung’s collaboration with NDTV

Samsung collaborated with NDTV to promote mobile journalism. Under this strategy, NDTV claimed that most of its video reports were shot using Samsung mobile phones in 4k quality. Thus, hinting at the quality of images and videos shot by the phone. 

Zomato’s target marketing

          Zomato has recently launched an ad campaign starring Hrithik Roshan which                   uses AI to target its audience. The AI uses the geolocation of the phone and depending on it, Hrithik Roshan seems to mention the best restaurant in the city you are currently in. For example, if you are in Patna then Hrithik Roshan mentions Biryani Mall of Patna. 

Apple’s #ShotoniPhone campaign

Apple created a social media marketing campaign to highlight the quality of the camera of the iPhone 6. The tech giant encouraged its users to click pictures with the device and share them on social media using the hashtag #ShotoniPhone. The best photos were then put on billboards worldwide. This campaign garnered huge organic traffic and was one of the best examples of organic social media marketing. The campaign got 6.5 billion media impressions and was able to sell over 231 million iPhones that year. 

CashKaro promotes its app using YouTube content creators like Yogi Baba

CashKaro is an app that gives promotions and discounts if one does online shopping using the app. The app collaborates with YouTube content creators to promote itself. The YouTubers place these ads in between their regular content and ask their followers to download and use the app. The users are also provided with a referral code to use the app. 

The Man Company creates brand awareness through The Logical Indian blog

The Man Company, which promotes a wide range of men’s grooming products, created brand awareness by promoting the idea of hugging your father this father’s day. The video starred Ayushmann Khurrana and Piyush Mishra as a father-son duo and sent out a heartwarming message. However, it was also covered by the digital news portal, The Logical Indian, to create brand awareness.

MenXP uses blogs to sell men’s products: 

MenXP has many contents related to men. The contents are about fashion, grooming, mental health, physical health, etc, of men. While these blogs are attractive to read, they also sell products through these blogs.

While there are many methods through which digital PR can be done, they all use the basic digital marketing strategies to track the success and better return of these campaigns.

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