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Instagram Tests Features For Multiple Links In Bio

instagram tests-features for multiple link in bio

How many times have you had to choose between the number of links you could use in your Instagram bio? 

Well, there’s good news because this question is no longer relevant! 

Instagram has expanded to test multiple links in a user’s bio. Does this mean goodbye to third-party tools like Linktree? Well, maybe if Instagram continues with this feature. Creators can add multiple links to their bios and enhance the potential of displaying multiple websites and businesses in a single place. 

How Does The Future Look Like For This Feature? 

It’s unclear at this time how many links users will be able to add formally, but the goal seems to be to diminish the usefulness of third-party apps like Linktree, which many Instagram users already use to add more links to their app bios. It appears like Instagram is seeking to provide more direct, native solutions to assist the same, which is likely bad news for Linktree itself. In the past, Instagram has suggested Linktree.

Influencers and content creators such as Alessandro Paluzzi and Sarah Page have shared screenshots where there is an indicator that reads “and 2 others,” pointing to the extra URLs listed. When you tap on it, a pop-up with many URLs appears, giving you the option to drive traffic directly from your Instagram presence to more sources.

Additionally, there isn’t any official information on who currently has access, so it’s possible to take advantage of this option right now for some content creators around the world. However, it does feel incomplete, with the primary display of URLs likely scheduled to be updated further before a wider enlargement. Depending on your approach, it might be a useful addition to provide more ways to entice users away from your Instagram presence.

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