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YouTube Adds Voiceover Option For YT Shorts


Creators utilise voiceovers to add commentary to their recorded videos. Live reactions to do-it-yourself (DIY), cooking tutorials with instructions, and narratives to accompany “day in the life” or “my daily routine”-style videos are a few examples of this type of material.

By incorporating numerous new features from TikTok that are popular on the other app, YouTube Shorts keeps up the competition. A tool that is currently frequently used on TikTok is being rolled out today (4th October 2022), for iOS by the Google-owned site. 

Voiceovers can be used to improve Shorts by giving instructions, providing perceptive feedback, or making humorous remarks. Before this update, adding your voice to a recorded video on YouTube wasn’t very simple. While the video was being recorded, you would have needed to record your voice.

How Do I Add Voiceovers To YT Shorts? 

  • On the camera screen, press the checkmark button in the lower right corner.
  • Press the voiceover icon.
  • To begin your narration, position the playhead (the vertical white line on the video filmstrip) where you want to start narrating.
  • To begin recording, press the red button, and to stop recording, press the red button once more (you can also hold down the record button while recording and lift up to stop recording)
  • If you wish to remove your most recent voiceover recording, click the undo button. If you want to add it back in, click the redo button.
  • To change the audio levels for music, your original video’s audio, and voiceover, use the volume panel.

This addition is easily the biggest one after YouTube introduced that creators can make money on YouTube Shorts.

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