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Twitter “improved” itself to be the best place to share multimedia


Twitter’s latest update lets creators use as many as four videos, images/and or GIFs in a single tweet. With this helpful feature, Twitter envisages becoming the best online space to share multimedia. The update not only allows media sharing but also makes video discovery and transitions smooth. Along with that, Twitter also embedded a video carousel in the Explorer option. The video carousel is where people get to find additional videos. This improvement is Twitter’s endeavor towards transitioning from a text-based platform to a multimedia-based platform. 

The main aim of this update is to empower creators so they can showcase their full potential when indulging on the platform. On the other hand, the carousel is helpful for users. According to Twitter, combining various visual content in a single tweet allows content creators the chance to tell their stories beyond the 280 characters’ limit. 

In one possible scenario, creators have the option to place images side by side along with a tweet. Such tweets will also allow you to juxtapose a video and an image, and resume the video by keeping the side-by-side formatting on. Side-by-side of a video and an image is helpful when you want to compare a video of an event with a photo of the same event. This type of tweet will have a special visual appeal as creators can tell the story in an artistic way and from different perspectives. 

Twitter has made several improvements to help creators monetize their posts, but those updates did not transform the platform’s look and feel. Hopefully, this move will help the platform gain more user engagement and app downloads. 

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