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Google Adds New Update To Earn Revenue From In-App Ads

Google has rolled out a new update that is designed to earn revenue from in-app advertisements. Now, marketers will be able to segment and target all app users who have taken any action. Google recognises that it may be useful to identify and market to particular audience segments when managing campaigns that use your data for audience targeting. 

What is this new update by Google? 

Simply put, you will be able to target audiences with an affinity to click on ads within apps. This option is called Target Return On As Spend for Ad Revenue (TROAS). 

Here is what Google stated: 

“This is an update to the Target Return on Ad Spend, or (TROAS) bid strategy, which is recommended if you are seeking a specific Return on Ad Spend from your App campaigns. If you have an Android app using Google Analytics for Firebase SDK conversion reporting, you can calculate TROAS by passing a dynamic revenue value from in-app events in Google Analytics to Google ads, in order to improve the average dollar value you want back for every dollar spent on user acquisition.”

How Does This Work? 

In Google Analytics, under “shared library > audience manager > app users” you can name your segment after selecting “any action” for the actions drop-down. 

Working with a developer will be necessary to transfer all AdMob or third-party ad revenue data to Google Analytics for bidding in order to use TROAS for ad revenue. 


Because Google Analytics’ third-party ad revenue feature allows for the integration of income from any monetization platform for TROAS bidding.

You must also send your Google Analytics ad impression event to Google Ads and attach your Google Analytics property to Google Ads. 

Once those conditions are satisfied, you can put this new targeting functionality into use by creating a TROAS for an ad revenue App campaign and using the “ad impression” event to optimise for ad revenue.

This option is now available for all advertisers running in-app campaigns. 

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