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Google will soon discontinue store visit reporting from Analytics and place it elsewhere

Google finally decides to let go of the store visit reporting capability from Google Analytics. The tech giant will discontinue the options from October 2022. Google will no longer generate and report on store visits data while keeping historical data intact. 

The announcement did not come in the form of a public statement, but Google silently informed publishers through the help page of Google Analytics. A user named Charles Farine Adswerve was the first to spot the update, and he later shared the news via his LinkedIn account. According to Google’s notice, store visit reporting capability will be scrapped from Google Analytics on 10/31/2022 and asks users to go to their account manager to clarify further questions. 

Store visits is a metric in Google Analytics that allows users to determine the number of people who went to their brand’s physical location after visiting their official website.

In a typical scenario, Google obtains the data by monitoring the activity of people who have enabled location history on their mobile devices. Till now, only businesses were allowed to gain the store visits report provided they linked their Google Analytics to a Google Ads account.

There is still a ray of hope for businesses as Google will continue providing the same data via Google Ads after the stated discontinuation. This means companies that currently leverage Google Analytics to get the report will have to switch to Google Ads in November 2022.

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