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Which Are The Best E-Commerce Rich Snippets?


If you want your business to truly stand out, you need to keep finding better ways of gaining visibility in order to stay ahead of the competition. The competition is fierce out there and platforms such as social media and search engines are active examples of where such competition thrives. Take Google, for example, the platform provides ample opportunities for your business to stand out. If most businesses try to display a featured snippet on it, the platform provides the option of leveraging e-Commerce-rich snippets. 

E-Commerce-rich snippets are a great way to help your products stand out in terms of visibility through organic search. Here is an example of the search result “frying pan” on Google. 

E-Commerce Rich Snippet: 


Notice how an e-Commerce rich snippet looks different from a regular snippet, in the image below:

Regular Snippet in Search: 


A regular snippet only includes the title, the URL and the metadata (title and description) of the website or web page. However, an e-Commerce rich snippet includes an image, the price, the material, and the name of the e-Commerce website, among other things. 

How Are E-Commerce Rich Snippets Chosen By Google? 

Rich results are excerpts of the information that appear on SERPs in Google (search engine result pages). A text excerpt or an image with a description might both be considered rich results. Search engines can only provide rich snippets when your website has structured data.

Information data that is arranged is known as structured data (structured). Structured data is essentially organised information on web pages. Providing particular information about a web page so that it qualifies to be presented as a rich result in Google’s search results is one of the main goals of structured data. Utilising structured data on your website is one of the white hat SEO practices that can improve your search rankings. 

For search engines to better understand your page and present more accurate information to users in search results, structured data uses schema markup, a language that all search engines share.

Merchants are able to have products shown for sale immediately from search results if they provide the necessary structured data. Rich snippets designed specifically for e-commerce give customers more details about the goods you sell right from the search results pages. This covers information such as cost, accessibility, review summary, description, and more.

Now, there can be different types of E-commerce-rich snippets that your website can use. In the rest of the section, we disclose the best and the must-have rich snippets that your website can use to stand out from competitors.

Review Snippets 

These snippets display ratings and reviews about your product, schema added markup. It is the most effective way to win your customers’ trust. First, because they are evidence of social selling and secondly because they visually aid the customers and guide them down their purchase journey. 

Here is an example of a review snippet, notice its features: 


Notice the star ratings along with reviews along with the name of the reviewer. Review snippets are one of the must-have e-commerce snippets that you need to consider for your online business. Moreover, this is a great way to align your website with Google’s updates on product reviews in 2022

Product Snippet 

Product reviews give you a chance to maximise the information you can provide about your product on the SERP. This not just helps with SEO but also gives customers the chance to know as much as they can about your product, leading to more clicks. Content writers can easily be able to do this job for an optimal effect of the product descriptions. 

Google may decide to display specific elements like colour, size, material, etc. based on the product structured data (markup) it can extract from your website, depending on your business and product offering.

You can use WordPress plugins to add schema markup to your website. However, other online shops like 3dcart and Shopify provide add-ons for putting your code or you may receive assistance from their professionals for implementation in the proper spot.

Always make sure that you have included on your website all the pertinent details (such as price, size, etc.) regarding that product. Schema markup won’t be of any use to you if you missed something on your website.

If you are not sure how to enable product snippets for your website, it is wise to take the help of a digital marketing agency to do it for you. Taking the help of professionals can really catapult your website’s performance because they have the latest industry knowledge and great exposure to everything under the sun when it comes to digital marketing. 

Price Snippet 

You can display price information to your users on Google SERP by using price schema markup. When deciding which goods to purchase, price plays a significant role. For the same product, there can be a significant variation in price. For this purpose, do not forget to use the price schema for the product that you want to display. 

Here is what it looks like to the end customer: 


Notice how you can use multiple schemas for the product snippet such as reviews, price, name of the retailer, special offers, etc. 

FAQ Snippet 

Recently, Google clarified that non-FAQ content may use FAQ markup. You can get rich results if a page has questions that are answered. Your category page search result will be larger and more noticeable when FAQs are shown as a snippet.  Additionally, you can answer any lingering queries prospective buyers may have regarding your product line and include them in your content. 

Due to their propensity to draw in broader keywords and higher search volumes, category sites frequently deliver the best performance for e-Commerce pages. An SEO agency will be able to help you get your product FAQs as a part of organic search results. 

The easiest method to differentiate yourself from your rivals and draw more customers to your brand or items is with e-Commerce rich snippets. If you execute it, you will undoubtedly see an increase in user clicks and engagement. You can use these rich snippets to improve your product marketing strategy and increase sales as well as reduce bounce rates if you give your website visitors exactly what they expected while clicking on your snippet. 

All the best! 

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