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New Features By Google Redefines Search


Google is on a roll and it has planned on rolling out some epic features that’ll make you wonder if Web 3.0 is already here. 

In its recent Search on 22 event, the search engine giant introduced some features that it will soon bring in that not just redefines the end user’s search experience but also serves ample opportunities for e-commerce retailers, business owners and websites. 

The aim of introducing these features is to give a more visual, personalised and immersive experience to its users. According to Danny Sullivan the Google Public Liaison for Search, understanding the criteria used by Google’s algorithms to decide if the results would be relevant to you in addition to merely seeing your search results holds a lot of value.

Let’s look at what Google has in store for us: 

Refining Search & Shopping

Google Redefines Search

By taking images of items like food, supplies, clothing, and other things and adding the word “near me” in the Google app, users can emphasise nearby businesses, restaurants, or shops that sell that specific item in search results.

You can now “shop the look” when looking for clothing on Google to make it simple for you to put together the ideal outfit. Consider that you’re shopping for a new bomber jacket to add to your fall collection. Within Search, the feature will display pictures of bomber jackets and related items along with alternatives for where to buy them.

For a personalised and enhanced search, users can type in the word ‘shop’ following the thing they want to shop for and a visual feed with products, tools for research, and nearby inventory. With this update, the shopping experience now extends beyond clothing. All categories can now be accessed on mobile devices.

Moreover, it is now possible to automate 360-degree spins of shoes with just a few images—basically, the ones that are already present on the retailer’s website. This allows users to view shoes in 3D independent of the website that provides the option. This functionality will be available through Google Shopping in the US starting in early 2023.

Getting A Vibe Check On A Neighbourhood

Getting A Vibe Check On A Neighbourhood

It might be challenging to determine what is new, what should be explored, and what the neighbourhood’s hidden treasures are when you are visiting a new area. With the help of useful photographs and data from the Google Maps community right on the map, you’ll soon be able to choose an area and watch the most popular spots come to life. This is possible thanks to the new local vibe feature.

Google has also supported this with an immersive view that gives you access to gorgeous, three-dimensional views of a location with important data like the weather, traffic, and activity placed on top. Over 250 photorealistic aerial views of famous locations around the world, ranging from the Tokyo Tower to the Acropolis, are being released today, marking a huge advancement toward a more immersive map.

Make Sustainable Choices 

Make Sustainable Choices

Google said that the option to enable Maps’ ecologically friendly routing will soon be available to app developers. 

With Google Maps’ eco-friendly routing, drivers can view and choose the most fuel-efficient route to their destinations. As a result of this advancement, enterprises from a variety of industries, such as delivery services and ride-hailing services, will be able to select environmentally friendly routing in the applications and monitor fuel efficiency improvements. 

Moreover, Google will soon provide anticipated pricing, range, and charging speeds for electric vehicle models if you’re interested in purchasing an electric vehicle, which more than a quarter of new car purchasers are. Additionally, it will be simple for you to locate nearby public charging stations that are appropriate for all-electric vehicles.

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