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Creating Better Quality Product Reviews With Google’s Algorithm Update in 2022

Creating Better Quality Product Reviews With Google’s Algorithm

Google can almost be considered an artificial human being because it is constantly evolving, just like humans do. In its recent algorithm update, it provided an overview highlighting its updated ranking system to fetch high-quality product reviews. 

What’s the talk of the town? 

Google in its overview clearly states that it has been “working on improving its product reviews displayed as a response to Google Search.” Its first update, among others, was designed to ensure that reviews come from people that demonstrate expertise and knowledge in the said industry or market. But there’s more to it. 

Product Reviews Now Need To Meet These Criteria 

If you want your product review to be displayed at the top of the search engine result pages, the reviews need to meet the following criteria: 

  • Include useful in-depth information, such as the advantages or disadvantages of a given item, specifications on how a product functions, or how the product varies from earlier versions. 
  • Should be posted by people who have used the product. They must explain how to use the product and what it is like physically. 
  • Give unique feedback that cannot be found anywhere else including visuals, audios, and links to other places where the reviewer has given feedback and beyond what the manufacturer provides. 
  • Compare and explain what sets the product apart from its competitors. 

How To Use Product Reviews In Your Influencer Marketing Campaigns 

Influencer marketing is a form of a marketing strategy that relies on endorsements and product mentions from influencers—individuals who have a large social following and are regarded as experts in their field. Brands rely heavily on product reviews, feedback and endorsements given by the influencer. You may have come across individuals who use social media channels, YouTube, and blogging platforms to give these reviews. 

What’s new is that brands can’t simply collaborate with influencers with a high following but with individuals who have high credibility in the industry. Their credibility can be identified by their experience, their certifications, the appearances they have made in the past, their titles and academic or professional background. Benchmarking such individuals can be difficult and for this, you can take the help of a digital marketing agency to guide you in finding the right influencers for your brand. 

Give More Information Than The Manufacturer 

Consumers frequently look at product reviews when they require more information than what the manufacturer provides. If you want to facilitate an effective product search, make sure the reviews are fresh, genuine and informational. The review should be in-depth feedback, something that the customer cannot find on the manufacturer’s or retailer’s website. Here are some things that you can include in your product reviews: 

  • Information about how the product feels when you use it. 
  • How long does it last? 
  • Your personal experience using the product.
  • Any challenges that you faced using the product?  
  • Something that sets it apart from other products. 

Show Testing Evidence 

One can meet Google’s latest requirements by including photos, videos and demonstrations of the product in the review. This will help you with SEO as well.  Reviews in these forms of content alert Google that there is evidence of testing the products first-hand. Make sure the demonstrations are detailed and include facts that are authentic to the reviewer and are not borrowed from elsewhere. You may even want to make comparisons between the product with its competitors and explain what makes it different. Additionally, add links to retailer websites where users can find these products. 

Use these guidelines if you wish to follow Google’s new product review updates. Improve your own product reviews so that Google can fetch them at the top of its search results. 

All the best! 

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