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Instagram Ditches Videos For Reels!

Instagram ditches videos for reels

One could say that fierce competition brings out the A-game for all market players and Instagram is no exception. 

In July 2022, Meta introduced a series of upgrades one of which is a direct segue to promote short-form video content, much like TikTok. This can be a game-changer for businesses and brands on Instagram. Instagram’s new algorithm now puts original video-based content ahead and increases your chances of being discovered by users. 

In its recent accounts, Meta introduced that all video content less than 15 mins on Instagram will become reels – whether one wants it or not. According to the social media giant, users will be given an advantage of an immersive, full-screen experience along with creative tools to develop reels. 

This update has taken over the internet with micro-influencers and A-list celebrities all expressing their feelings about this evolution. Before you form an opinion about this roll-out and join the conversation, read this article to find out all options that your business will now have with this new update.

Instagram Reels
Source: Facebook

Create Reels With Templates 

Templates make it simple to make reels by preloading audio and clip placeholders, allowing you to simply add your own images or video clips. Select the reel option on your Instagram camera and slide the tab to go to the “template” section on reels.

This is a great option for your business if you don’t wish to spend hours editing reels to get the perfect cut and beat-drop. With templates, you can find a plethora of reel ideas that you can use to easily create reels with videos and images in your phone’s photo gallery. All you have to do is click the “Use Template” button and you are good to go. 

This feature has been included on Instagram so that users can create short-form video content – reels, within Instagram itself. This is a huge win for Instagram because it can now retain users within the platform to create reels without having to use a third-party application to edit videos. 

New Instagram Update
Source: Facebook

Remix & Repurpose Existing Reels 

The remix tool for reels will give users the option to collaborate with their friends and other Instagram users. This feature will work wonders for brands and businesses that need innovative ways to collaborate with influencers on Instagram.

If you don’t really know how to go about influencer marketing on Instagram, you can always take the help of a digital marketing agency to help you crack a deal. 

In addition to remixing, users can repurpose their existing Instagram posts to create a brand new reel with the remix option. 

Here is everything you get with the Remix option: 

Video Remix Templates & Layouts: To add your own video commentary to existing reels, select a green screen, horizontal or vertical split-screen, or picture-in-picture response view.

Remix Existing Posts: You will be able to remix public photographs in the coming weeks. This provides you with an endless source of ideas for creating your own one-of-a-kind reel. Moreover, you will also be able to add a video/photo to your pre-existing reels that will play sequentially.

If you are worried about your engagement rate, you should know that remixing existing content on Instagram will not ruin your engagement. Therefore, businesses on Instagram can easily use this feature in creative ways such as through product launches. 

What Do The New Updates Mean For Businesses On Instagram? 

Video content and AI-driven suggestions have all grown increasingly visible on Instagram in recent months. If you have a public Instagram account, your new videos (now reels) may be suggested and seen by more people. This is now applicable to reels that are less than 15 mins long. 

Apart from the video evolution on Instagram that businesses can clearly take advantage of, the new Instagram features rolled out democratises access to customers. Now, once a user discovers your reel or a post on Instagram, they can directly make purchases from businesses on Instagram using the messaging feature. 

With the reel-based video sharing option given to individuals and businesses alike, there are two main advantages for businesses that want to sell more using Instagram: more chances of getting discovered and an opportunity to create engaging content.

This is a chance for businesses to provide more hands-on, individualised service and perform direct sales. Brands will be able to communicate with customers in real-time to discuss products and services. If you want to crack the code to create reels that generate awareness for your business, you can take the help of a good social media marketing agency for the same. 

We hope this article helped you in gaining knowledge about the new video-to-reel evolution of Instagram. See you on the explore page! 

All the best. 

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