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Video Marketing Trends in 2022 That You Should Be Aware Of !

video marketing trends 2022

Video marketing is not a new concept but the way marketers are leveraging video marketing for brand positioning and visibility is certainly changing. 

Did you know that according to Instagram Business, 91% of active users on Instagram watch videos on Instagram weekly? Apart from the obvious video-based platforms such as Twitch and Youtube, social media platforms have also accommodated the desire of users to immerse themselves in consuming content with movable graphics. 

This has given rise to several creative video marketing trends in 2022. Innovative ideas to launch products, personalisation, virtual reality, and live streaming have all been a part of the recent video marketing trends. 

Regardless of the platform you want to use for video marketing, take a look at these trends that have taken over the internet in 2022. 

Short Form Videos 

According to recent social media statistics, 54% of social media marketers utilise short-form videos, on social media, followed by live streaming, live audio chat rooms, and user-generated content. (HubSpot, source). 

The rise in the use of short-form content can be credited to platforms such as TikTok, YouTube (shorts), and Instagram (reels). However, one must remember that the definition of short-form videos differs for each platform. 

For instance, the Instagram audience considers short-form videos that last anywhere from 30 to 60 seconds. On Instagram, these short video bites are called reels and videos above 15 minutes are considered long-form. On the other hand, a 10-minute video would be considered short-form material for a platform like Youtube. 

It is because web 2.0 has democratised the ideation and distribution of content, that internet users are flooded with alternative content types resulting in short-attention spans. This is why short-form videos have increased in popularity because it does not demand users to invest much time in getting delighted with what they see. 

social selling videos

Videos For Social Selling 

If you know where social selling falls in the sales process, let us tell you that video marketing has also facilitated social selling. These are commonly known as shoppable videos that may often turn up in social media ads. Shoppable videos allow visitors to make purchases immediately from the video via a pop-up button, shortening the customer journey. The user is directed to a landing page where they can finish the checkout process by clicking this button. It has a format that is comparable to the long-trending shoppable posts on social media.

Interesting right? Using shoppable videos for marketing your product or service may just be what your business needs. Get in touch with a social media marketing agency that can help you benefit from this marketing tactic.  

youtube live stream

Live Streams and Videos 

Even though the concept of live streaming already existed, live video as a marketing tactic became popular during the 2020 lockdown. In that situation, it was crucial for brands to maintain contact with customers. 

Here are some reasons why live videos have become a marketing trend in 2022: 

  1. They are cost-effective and can be implemented from the comfort of homes. 
  2. Direct communication with prospects, customers and consumers. 
  3. Once a live stream has ended, it can be saved and repurposed at a later stage. 

Today, marketers, influencers, and viewers all appreciate it as a medium. It helps businesses and brands to gain direct feedback from customers and establish engagement that has the potential to turn into a long-term relationship. Even while face-to-face communication is once again popular, several brands have used live streaming for marketing purposes

24-Hour Video Bites 

Stories have become more popular over the past few years; they are a format that not only has a brief lifespan but is also only available for 24 hours. Snapchat Snaps initially sparked this trend in video marketing, which then moved to other platforms like Instagram and Facebook Stories.

24-hour video content has primarily gained popularity because it makes people feel pressed for time because they want to watch it before it vanishes. Additionally, it provides a variety of features for engagement, such as polling users or requesting that they tag the company in their own tales. Many digital marketing agencies seized the opportunity by expanding on their video marketing services. 

videos with subtitles

Videos With Subtitles 

85% of videos on Facebook platforms like Instagram and Facebook are watched without sound, according to the American Press Institute. This can be because of reasons such as autoplay videos can be intrusive with their loud background audios that start without any prior prompt. Therefore, users may want to keep the sound off till the time they think the video is worthy of being unmuted. Additionally, by including text on the screen, you help viewers who choose to watch without sound and benefit those who have hearing impairments. 

Whatever the reason for this trend may be, it is always a good idea to give users an option. By including subtitles in the video, individuals who do not want to and cannot turn on their audio still have a chance to know what the content in the video is about. 

As a digital marketer, it is important that you follow these trends on a regular basis and even make use of them in order to gain a competitive advantage in the market. 

All the best! 

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