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How Are Brands Using Twitch For Marketing? 

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Have you limited your marketing strategy to YouTube and generic social media channels like Facebook, Instagram & Snapchat? If yes, there are numerous marketing opportunities that have you missed out on by not being active on this epic platform called Twitch. 

Ever heard of Twitch? 


No problem. Let’s introduce you and your business to this platform and show you some ways you can use this platform for the effective marketing of your brand. 

Why Is Twitch So Popular? 

Twitch has over 30 million active users as of 2022. Twitch is owned by Amazon and is the most popular video game streaming platform after beating YouTube & Facebooking gaming (HootSuite). With over 72% of the market share in terms of viewership, the firm presently leads online game streaming, the platform also supports streaming content in the form of music, makeup, cooking, fashion, and a lot more.

If you log into Twitch you will see for yourself that the platform is a goldmine for brands. Several non-gaming brands from a variety of industries such as food & beverage, travel, confectioneries, etc., have tied up with popular Twitch channels and streamers for marketing. As you read further, we explain to you how the most popular brands have used Twitch to generate leads, increase brand awareness and boost customer engagement. 

Video marketing and influencer marketing are the most frequent types of marketing on Twitch. The key distinction is that promotions and tie-ins are live-streamed rather than delivered via pre-made movies or photographs disseminated through other social media channels.

Similar to YouTube Fan Fest, Twitch has its own bi-annual event that celebrates the streaming business while also providing an opportunity for the platform’s broadcasters to meet their followers and peers in person. 

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Which Brands Use Twitch For Marketing? 

PepsiCo’s Sponsorship Marketing 

PepsiCo sponsored an off-season video game competition for the game Rocket League to promote a limited-time Brisk product. Sponsored tournaments aren’t a new thing, but PepsiCo elevated the notion of event sponsorship to a whole new level by developing unique programming to promote the debut of a limited-edition product with exclusive retail positioning. 

PepsiCo and Twitch collaborated to establish an off-season competitive gaming tournament for the popular video game Rocket League in which the event’s analysts and characters drank Brisk and did skits about buying the drink at 7-Eleven.

Viewers not only applauded shoutcasters (live gaming commentators) to consume bottles, but they also interacted with Brisk after the programmes ended. In the game, they dubbed their vehicles Brisk, made movies speculating about prospective Brisk-themed in-game car modification possibilities, and took over the Rocket League subreddit with Brisk-related topics.

Hershey’s Influencer Marketing 

Hershey collaborated with a number of Twitch stars, to advertise the Reese’s Pieces chocolate bar. Throughout the promotion, these influencers broadcasted live streams while sampling the new product. Millions of people were exposed to the new candy bar via their favourite streamers eating the candy live during the campaign.

Lexus’s Content Marketing 

Lexus joined together with prominent video game broadcaster Fulsie for the company’s “All In” Twitch promotion. During the live campaign, 23,000 Twitch viewers voted on how to personalise and enhance the Lexus IS vehicle for 2021. Twitch users created the perfect automobile for gamers, which contained a 3D-printed controller as well as gaming consoles. 

UberEats’s Influencer Marketing For Lead Generation 

UberEats collaborated with Ninja as its influencer marketing strategy to provide members with a 25% off voucher. The promotion was simply a competition among Fornite Players. Ninja would win fans 1% off their UberEats order every time he “killed” a character in Fortnite. The hitch was that Ninja could only participate in the challenge from the time he purchased his dinner through UberEats until it arrived at his door.

These are just four brands using different types of marketing strategies on Twitch. The list goes on to an overwhelming number of brands that use this platform for creative forms of marketing their services & products. 

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Ways Your Brand Can Become A Rockstar on Twitch 

Drawing inspiration from the brands mentioned above, there are several ways your small or medium-sized business can use Twitch for marketing. This includes marketing for lead generation, paid ads, influencer marketing, content marketing, targeted marketing and a lot more. 

To fully benefit from the platform, deploy the following tactics to market your brand on Twitch. 

Collaborating With Twitch Streams With High Following 

One good thing about streamers with a great follower base is that Twitch takes legal action against accounts that buy followers (Business Insider). 

This is great news for your brand that is looking to collaborate with Twitch streamers that have a high following. You can be assured that their followers are authentic, organic and genuinely interested in the content of the streamer they follow. 

If you are looking to collaborate with a Twitch streamer, make sure you choose a streamer who not only has a high following but also shares the same values as your brand. Otherwise, your product placement might not serve its purpose. 

For example, a make-up brand that encourages body art and boldness may want to join hands with nuria_adraos_makeup. This is because she not only has followers in millions but will be able to understand your brand’s creative essence to its full capacity. 

Now, Twitch can be a rollercoaster for new brands who are new to the platform. You can take the help of a digital marketing agency to help you understand and leverage the platform for implementing your marketing strategies at least for the first few months.

Become A Creative Force 

One learning you can draw from the way UberEats markets through Twitch (as mentioned above) is that there is ample opportunity and space for you to experiment and be creative with your marketing tactics on Twitch.

Read and explore the platform thoroughly because the platform is far from basic. Your brand can use Twitch and its unique tools to market your product. Remember, the unique selling proposition (USP) of Twitch is its ability to stream live almost all the time. You can use this to your advantage and host live streaming for your audience through branded channels. Find unique and creative ways of interacting with followers and running your marketing campaigns. 

Create A Branded Channel 

Creating your own branded Twitch channel is another great approach to improving brand exposure and awareness through the Platform.  Branded channels enable you to instil a feeling of community and play to the audience’s fear of missing out (FOMO) creating a sense of exclusivity. By solely hosting or streaming material on Twitch and not on other channels or platforms, you instil a sense of FOMO in your prospects, making them feel as if they will lose out on your brand’s unique offerings if they don’t act in time. 

All the best for marketing on Twitch. Take inspiration from the brands that already use Twitch for marketing and use the platform to its full potential! 

All the best!

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