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YouTube Update: Insight On Channel Recommendation & Introduces Brand New Features! 

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According to YouTube, YouTube Shorts are being watched by 1.5 billion logged-in users every month. This means 70% of YouTube users regularly watch Shorts. The popularity of the platform’s short-video content is not a shocker. Much like Instagram Reels, TikTok and Snapchat, the recent YouTube update has encouraged bite-sized, easily digestible content. 

What makes YouTube a strong competitor is that it is consistently introducing innovative features for creators and viewers alike. YouTube responds to its creators and viewers with exactly what they expect, it always has and always will.  

A case in point is the experiment currently run by YouTube where data on the signals that affect recommendations will be shared with YouTube creators via YouTube analytics. 

There’s this one persistent wonder among creators on all platforms– “How are my videos recommended to viewers?” 

Answering this million-dollar question would help creators to create more engaging, interesting and valuable content for their users. This could be the world only if creators were able to quantify and identify the type of content their users want to see. 

YouTube has recognised this and has begun its work to give creators exactly what they want – Data, Insight and brand new features to accompany it. 

youtube content recommendation

YouTube Plans To Answer How Content Is Recommended 

YouTube knows that creators of the platform want to know how recommendations for users work so that they can create more valuable and engaging content for the viewers. 

YouTube has heard its creators loud and clear. 

The platform has commenced an experiment to share data with a small number of creators sharing insights on how their content is being recommended to the viewers. 

This data can be accessed by creators in YouTube’s Data Analytics which will contain insight into the creator’s individual content, what prompted the recommendation, the percentage of people that continue watching the video till the end, performance benchmarks and more. 

The best part is that this algorithm will work for regular YouTube videos as well as YouTube Shorts. 

Want to decode the bar graphs, pie charts and other technical jargon thrown at you by social media analytics? You should definitely consider taking the help of a digital marketing agency to help you with this. 

Youtube location feature

Google Maps Picks Up Information From YouTube Locations 

Earlier in 2022, YouTube introduced a feature in association with Google which works wonders for video marketing strategies. 

The “Location Mentioned” feature on YouTube allowed videos to show Google Maps information in the video description, making it easier for viewers to locate businesses, cafes, travel, and restaurants. The feature is launched for mobiles and tablets. 

Of course, the locations mentioned are not imperative and creators can easily opt out of it by unchecking “show automatic places.” 

Businesses, especially small and medium-sized businesses have greatly benefited from this feature. The feature has facilitated the easy discovery of businesses locally as it allows integrating marketing via YouTube with Google My Business (GMB). 

This is all your business could ever ask for – entertain a viewer with your video and then lead them to find your physical store or online website. 

youtube comment stickers

Interact With Your Viewers With YouTube’s Comment Sticker! 

Responding to viewer questions has been made easy by YouTube with its comment sticker. 

Now, along with an insight into the algorithm on how YouTube videos and Shorts are being recommended to users, creators can rely on YouTube Shorts Comment Sticker to gain instant feedback from viewers. 

This will give creators the ability to respond with Videos on Demand (VOD), thus having the chance to set trends and give viewers exactly what they expect. 

The new features and insights experimented with and introduced by YouTube make the platform a great place to release new and valuable content. In other words, it’s a good time to become a YouTube creator and spread information about YouTube brands and businesses. You can also create content and release it on different social media platforms with the help of a social media marketing agency to maximise your viewership on not just YouTube but other platforms such as Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook and other social media that encourage short-form video content. 

Good luck with utilizing these benefits and insights to your advantage! 

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