Video Marketing Campaigns

With user time being split among new social media, mobile apps, emails, amazon, netflix and what not, how do you strike with a differentiator? What is the new marketing tool in your arsenal that will make your digital marketing plans more potent?

The answer lies in online Video Marketing.

What is video marketing?

Video marketing is like television marketing using static, text and audio visual communication in a new digital space with a very different approach to strategy for promoting and marketing your products or services. The Objective is to increase engagement of your brand, product & services on your digital channels. We have all seen newspaper ads, we listen to radio, and we also know the impact of a well-made TV commercial. The revolution the television brought in the yester years is being re-lived by today’s generation by way of booming video entertainment platforms like youtube, netflix, amazon prime, apple tv, chromecast and more. Because an audiovisual medium has a deeper psychological impact as compared to either an aural (voice) or visual medium singularly, the power and impact of a well-designed video marketing campaign would be difficult to beat.

For many brands video is no longer a small part of the overall marketing plan but a critical aspect of digital and social strategy. Videos on Social media are a big hit, Instagram videos are a big success, Facebook has awesome engagement with videos, Youtube itself is a video only platform and we all know the growth it has seen, look at whatsapp - its such a phenomenal video sharing tool now. And why not, with exponential growth in technology making videos has become easier and affordable too. Hence, if you aren't creating videos, you might be left chasing your competitors who are using video marketing effectively.

Does this mean putting up a video on your web site will increase your conversion rate? The answer is NO. Video communication or Video Marketing is more than just putting up a video on your site.

What type of videos are best for a video marketing campaign?

The average attention span of a web user is less than 5 seconds and so it is imperative that you catch the attention of the user at first contact. Once a user reaches your website or social channels they will want to spend limited time to comprehend your communication/proposition and then decide whether your brand, product, service fits what they were seeking. If you can engage the user right there and then effectively, the job is done. As a video marketing agency we suggest creating videos which can have audiovisual appeal and higher chances of brand/product/service recall.
Once you have a video, make sure it is marketed well. Video marketing it is as important as making a brand or product video it in the right manner. Lets look some types of videos that you can make,
  • Product Demo Videos to show how a product works, it effectiveness etc can also serve as a user manual.
  • Brand Videos to build awareness
  • Event Videos where you can show the event itself, interactions with audiences, interviews with chief guests etc
  • Interviews with industry experts to share their point of view with regards to your business category, opportunities etc
  • Educational videos / Explainer Videos to help people understand finer aspects of your services
  • Case Study and Customer Testimonial Videos are another impactful way of swinging an audience your way.
  • Walkthrough videos of your company offices, interviews with key stakeholders, presentations are good for engagement.
  • 360° & Virtual Reality Videos which give a feeling of being present in the store or location are a new wow these days. Devices like Oculus Rift or Google Cardboard are used to provide the best experience.

As a video marketing agency, there are many more types of videos we can help you create while working on a video marketing strategy.
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