Video Marketing

With so much happening on the web, Internet marketing gaining ground, and user time being split among more and more new products and services, how do you strike with a differentiator? What is it that is the new necessity to make online marketing plans more potent and effective?

The answer lies in Online Video Marketing, an excellent method to communicate company/product profiles and benefits to a large audience within the shortest possible time. We have all seen Newspaper Ads and we have heard radio all our lives and we also know the impact of a well made TV commercial. Obviously TV wins because Audio Video has deeper impact as compared to either one singularly. The power of a well designed video would be difficult to beat.

Does this mean putting up a video on your web site will increase your conversion rate? The answer is NO. Video communication or Video Marketing is more than just putting up a video on your site.

The average attention span of a web user is less than 5 seconds and hence it is imperative that you catch the attention of the user at first contact. Once a user reaches your website by either a search engine search query, or by back link on a review or blog, the visitor is willing to apply limited effort and time to see whether he/she can comprehend your communication/proposition and decide whether your content, design etc fit what he/she was actually looking for. If you can engage the user right there and then, and offer a quick way to let her discover your message, then the job is done. And what better way than to have a Video which can have audio visual appeal and higher chances of brand/product/service recall.

A note of caution : You have to be careful to ensure that you do not fool the visitors to your site about what you really have to offer as he/she will find out in a matter of a few seconds. So make sure all content is worth the user's every second. Therefore, it is necessary to understand the user, and address their desire in the most effective communication and in the shortest possible time.

Once you have a video, make sure it is seen. Marketing the video is as important as making it in the right manner. If you want to make a video of your organisation, products and services please click here.

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