Display Advertising

We have all lived with Television and Print media all through our lives. Both forms provided for great flexibility of creating and displaying visually rich creatives. On the Internet or Online as it is popularly called, display advertising has also grown to become an important aspect of marketing strategy. From its early beginnings of static ads, to more interactive creative options, the digital advertising options are many. Visual creatives with Audio, Images, Animations etc are possible on Display Advertising platforms. Video banners are also finding favour and we expect these to be more popular as the internet penetration grows.

As the Internet usage increases, audio-visual communication will see a dramatic shift to the Internet. Today many marketers have already accepted and adopted the Internet for display advertising. It is no longer looked upon as support to an offline campaign. For some categories, the internet today has replaced the traditional as a lead medium. Display campaigns today have become very important especially when the advertisers are seeking better ROI for their marketing spends. The influence of Digital Media can no longer be ignored.

What makes display more inviting and challenging is the sheer number of creative formats to engage the consumer and build recall. Expandables, Interstitials, Transitionals, Superstitials, Drop downs, Page tears, Road-blocks, In- tandems are already being used and new formats are introduced almost every day. Video and Rich Media are already hot considerations to interact with online users and entertain them.

The challenge for planners and implementors like us is to think about how audiences use the internet to engage with brands, and thus ensure better ROI  advertisers.

While thinking display advertising and audience relevance, the social aspects of the internet cannot be ignored. Widgets, Applications, Games etc  have already started to play a large role in capturing online consumers attention and building continuous engagement.

The future will continue to bring more choices for advertisers for better optimised campaigns. We are dedicated to assist clients to make the most of the opportunity provided by display advertising. If you are looking for a display advertising solution, click here to send us an enquiry.