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Adwords / PPC campaigns refer to the planning, Strategizing and implementing of paid ad campaigns on Search Engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, Baidu (China) etc. The objective is to grab the search user's attention by using well written, contextual text / Image ads which will show up on the search results pages thereby directing them towards your website or landing page.

For maximum benefit, Pay Per Click (PPC) combined with SEO together forms the backbone of a successful Search Engine Marketing campaign that can ensure excellent long terms results. Over time businesses have realized the importance of PPC / Adwords as a dependable marketing tool to reach relevant audiences quickly and to get faster response. With the ever increasing number of web pages, depending only on SEO alone is becoming risky as it takes a long time to rank on certain categories and thus adwords becomes the choice for immediate results. 

As an  Adwords Certified Partner Agency  it is our responsibility to ensure that your monies are well invested. We provide you detailed account performance reports and analysis so you can make informed decisions. Google Adwords is the leader in PPC marketing. Microsoft through its Bing Ads Console (previously known as Adcenter) offers PPC campaigns on Yahoo and Bing search engines. Though second to Google, good results can be expected from Bing if campaigns are planned well. Here is a snap shot of a Google search page showing Adwords – PPC text ads.

ppc campaign
Pay Per Click (PPC) / Adwords marketing campaigns are one of the most target oriented and flexible forms of advertising available online today. In a matter of hours high visibility can be achieved on search engines. A successful PPC campaign calls for good strategy, excellent campaign planning, close monitoring, analysis and regular optimisation to ensure high efficiencies. Intelligent keyword research is crucial to the success of a PPC campaign. With adwords campaigns you can target users for a select set of highly relevant keywords, choose target geographies (countries, states, cities), use multiple landing pages, track clicks and conversions from keywords using Google analytics, track ads performance etc. In addition strategic use of the Google Display Network (GDN) and YouTube ensures better results for each internet marketing campaign.

We strategize, design and implement customized PPC / Adwords campaigns for our clients. For us, PPC campaign management assignments are about ensuring high relevancy among target markets which leads to better business opportunities for our clients. By utilizing our services as an AdWords Campaign Management Agency you get a team of experienced & Google Certified Search Marketing Experts, Copywriters, Content Writers & Internet Marketing Experts whose endeavor is to achieve a high relevancy of visitors, better cost per conversion / lead, higher conversion rates and overall excellent ROI on adwords marketing budgets. Pay-per-click / Adwords campaigns cannot be packaged as a "one size fits all" program; it requires a unique strategy for each campaign, effective goal management and data driven optimization techniques. . 

We monitor, test and analyze campaigns daily. If you want to get started with Adwords campaigns or if your current PPC campaign is not performing to your expectations call us. Give us an opportunity to manage your Adwords Account and we will make it work.

To get started with an Adwords campaigns or if your current PPC campaign is not performing to your expectations reach our SEM experts and we will get you results.

Reach our Adwords Campaign Management Team. 

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