35. What is Google Display Network or GDN? Is it different from Google Adwords?

GDN or Google Display Network is an interesting and important part of Google Adwords campaign management. With GDN, Google Adwords campaign management has the potential to deliver better campaign performance.

Just like we create Adwords campaigns with keywords and text ads, Google display network is all about using the power of Google outside of the search engine. What does this mean?. This means that by using Google Adwords campaign console, you can target websites based on keywords in their content or topics and/or place ads by site names. GDN is a network of websites which run Google ads. GDN sites comprise of YouTube, Gmail and more than a million Google web display partners which includes all AdSense and DoubleClick Ad Exchange partner sites that allow text and display ads on their site pages. Google Display Network offers multiple Ad formats like text ads, image ads, rich media ads and video ads. Wonderful isn’t it! GDN console got a recent energy boost by way of better features and targeting options.

The Google Display Network is a powerful tool if used properly. Success on GDN calls for a different approach from regular search strategy. The ability to choose the right keywords and topics/Google partner sites with an effective creative strategy will define success.

Google Display Network Advertising can be a very effective strategic marketing tool to improve your Adwords/Pay-per-Click (PPC) ROI.

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