Email Marketing and Mobile Marketing

Email Marketing is all about taking your online product/service campaigns and your website pages to your potential and existing customers using email as a mode of communication. Email marketing can be used to improve the relationship between a business and its customers or to gain new customers. At all stages of a marketing plan, email marketing can be an excellent complimentary medium if used strategically.

Mailers can appear in email boxes as a proper creative image or a web page because it can be written in HTML. If you have data about your customers such as age, sex, location, then we can send targeted and customised emails to different demographics.

We can track when every mail is opened and also know if the receiver clicked on any links in the mail. And if there are multiple links on the email, then we can also track which links in the email the users click. It's a great way to discover which products or services your customer base is more interested in.

How about having forms built into the mailers to reduce the effort of the user in case he/she wants your products and would like you to contact back. Yes, it can be done! All the receiver has to do is fill the form in the emailer and you will get the information on your email at the very moment.

With most people actively using their email and active search possibilities within mail boxes, if you have sent your prospects an email of your offerings they will be able to find you whenever they want. Email marketing is one of the most efficient forms of communication today for businesses to reach prospective and existing customers.

Why email marketing?
One of the great things about email marketing is that it can reach a wide audience in a short period of time. In addition, an email marketing campaign can be designed to include a series of successive emails that build upon one another.

In today's times, email is clearly a medium for all who are online and therefore can be turned into an effective advertising and marketing medium. Email is delivered in an instant; it's cost-effective, and durable. If you look at the reach to response ratio, response rates for email marketing could be substantially higher than traditional marketing responses at much lower costs

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