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Are you looking for a fun job? Are you the kind who believes that the joy of working is in the work that gives you joy? Well if the answer is Yes, then you could well be part of our team.

We are open to bright minds who know their skills but are always hungry for more. All you need is a strong entrepreneurial and team spirit and a dependable work ethic. Enthusiasm, networking, meeting new people is crucial to succeeding as an individual and this is a trait common to all here.

Yes you will be doing what you love to do but you will also learn new skills and update your knowledge. In return you are expected to be open and share your knowledge with the team. In short we believe sharing knowledge can only help us all grow. Which means relationships should matter to you.

And now, you can shoot all your questions to [email protected] with your area of expertise in the subject line. Do not forget to attach your resume.

Lets get to our Values

For us, values come first. We don’t want our team mates to wander where we don’t want to go. When we believe in what's important to us, our company, we can deliver beyond expectations. Even our own.

Lets talk about a few values which make us who we are :

  • The Independent professional. We love innovative and original ideas and solutions and you will find no dearth of encouragement in that department. You are free to learn, for learn you must everyday, from colleagues, clients & external sources. monotony. A productive professional is what makes for a forever wanted team mate.
  • Honesty & Clarity. Tough one at time’s, isn’t it? Make sure you are understood. We steer away from assumptions & jargons. You are free to express but such that its makes sense and is understood, by everyone. We have sessions for you to showcase your talents too.
  • Hear as you are heard, be fair to yourself, your work, your team & your company. All we need is for you to use your best judgement without being judgemental. Be reasonable. Saying ‘no’ is not fraught with danger here but just that it be a a response after reasonable thought so no one feels bad.
  • Be Calm and Composed. A thought before what we say can lead the world our way. Jumping to conclusions and / or mistaking a disagreement for a personal attack is not who want to be. We don’t rush, we respond after clearly understanding the matter, we think and address the situation without any undue pressure.
  • Be Helpful. Life gets difficult at times for all of us. Why me? Is a question we all have asked ourselves and the almighty at some point in time. This is where the team spirit comes in. An additional helping hand, someone who will listen, someone who will give without expecting. Let’s make life worth living and fun for each other.

Openings @Virtualsnipers

[email protected] with the subject 'I want to be an SEM Sniper'.

Business Development - Sr. Executive & Manager

Positions open - 3 for executives
Minimum experience for Sr. Executive - 2 years Location - Mumbai

Sr. Executive - If you have convinced 25 clients for Google Adwords campaigns / Websites / SEO campaigns / Social Media Marketing campaigns then you are the Sniper we are looking for. You should have a clear understanding of the digital medium, be good at identifying, pitching and servicing clients across different business verticals. Should understand how the different digital media work in terms of deliverables.

BD Managers - Managers need to be good at communication, managing & motivating teams and managing targets. You should have managed teams of 5-10 people and should be comfortable with large annual targets.

We have a very cool work atmosphere so while you work you can have fun too! shoot your CV's to [email protected] with the designation in the subject line.

Social Media Marketing Manager

Positions open - 1
Minimum Experience - 2 years
Maximum Experience - 4 years
Location - Mumbai

If you can come up with content strategies for social media, understand what content will drive engagement and help attain client objectives on social platforms like Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram etc then you might just be be person our team would like to have. A keen eye for detail, ability to update self and team on developments and commitment to clients success is what makes a good SMO teamie for us.

While you ensure we rock on client campaigns we will ensure you have the best time of your life

SEO Consultants

Positions open - 1
Minimum Experience - 2 years
Maximum Experience - 5 years
Location - Mumbai

What you do need to know is on-page and off-page optimisation throughly, Seo strategy formulation, hands-on SEO implementation and the ability to get the one thing all Internet Marketing clients want - a search engine ranking. You need to have managed client projects on your own and we would expect you be constantly updated on the latest trends. Any exposure to content writing and will mean a better chance of becoming a sniper fast.

If you are up to the challenge then here's what you need to do, Make a quick SEO analysis of this website and share with us your views about how we can make it better - remember we don't need detailed points but a broad overview. Along with this analysis shoot your CV to [email protected] with the subject as " I want to be an SEO Sniper".

Zonal Representatives / Partners

If you are running a web design or social media business or are a professional wanting to turn Entrepreneur then this is your opportunity. For existing businesses, you ca add Digital Marketing Services to your portfolio and can help you grow your business with services like SEO, SEM & Branding. There are various other opportunities to explore too, all you need is office space for a few people and a little capital to set up your business while we take care of the rest.

If the digital media excites you as a business opportunity just drop us an email on [email protected] with the Subject "I am interest in becoming a Representative / Partner for 'location' " and our team will contact you soon.