SEM Consulting

Search engine marketing is Pull Marketing. Here prospective customers start looking for product / service / solutions and provider which is you has to be present at the right time with the right communication matching the prospects requirements. Therefore in the world of search engine marketing, pay-per-click or adwords as it is popularly known, everything is about Keywords. Keywords are what define the users intent and it is this intent which is to be attended to. The process begins by understanding the search habits of the target audience. From a prospects perspective there are many ways a search query can be initiated and this depends on the prospects stage in the buying cycle. Broadly we can categorise keywords on the basis of buying cycle as follows : Interest phase, Research phase and Buying or decision making phase.

Interest phase targeting

Here end users do not have any info about product and want to just gather knowledge and thereby move to the next stage.

Research phase

In this phase he progresses to seek information like size, shape, colour, varieties, technology and features, reviews, Q & A etc.

Buying phase

Finally having decided what he / she wants the user seeks the best provider, at this point conversion rates kick in.

When we offer consulting support we begin by evaluating the strategy for the campaign where we do Category Analysis, Competition Analysis, Creative Brainstorming, Relevant keyword research, USP's for the campaign, navigation of website, offline media campaigns imnpact, other marketing support etc. The final objective is to help you reach prospective / existing consumers at right time to improve the chances of reaching the campaign objective which could be visits to a specific site, registrations for emails or other marketing collaterals, lead generation, registrations, or a sale.

A successful SEM campaign depends on many factors like:

  1. Target country
  2. Product
  3. Type of Website
  4. Brand Presence
  5. Competition
  6. Offers & Discounts
  7. Product / Category / Brand Awareness
  8. Landing pages
  9. SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) Integration etc,

each of which we evaluate as your consulting partners and suggest a best way forward. Each of the above factors has a bearing on the campaign.

As consultants we also support your campaign managers with regular campaign analysis reports and suggestions to optimise the campaign performance and produce better results. We also offer services of setting up Google Analytics accounts for data tracking and campaign optimisation. TO read more about Search Engine Marketing click here.

If you wish to offer us an SEM Consulting Assignment click here and provide us some details and we will contact you to initiate the process within 48 hours.