WordPress Based Websites

Wordpress is brilliant for all those who want to get started on the web, but don't do much about making websites. Though HTML, CMS, CSS, Javascript etc may sound like a new language but they are not. A basic website can be made in HTML. Tools like CSS, Dreamweaver and others basically help in easy implementation of page/site designs and layouts and in adding special effects.

Before you take the jump and start a wordpress based website here are some quick points to consider :

In Favour

1. Very easy to create and manage website content.
2. Lots of FREE themes to choose from. So your design worries are over.
3. Some very good SEO(search engine optimization) benefits are a big plus for WordPress pages.
4. Like a normal directory followed by a folder, WordPress pages can have a main folder page that has sub-pages in it.
5. Here's the Biggie - Tons of plugins are available which enhance the functionality of WordPress many times.
6. You can run Google Adsense too.


1. Design updates and special effects are out. You can only do as much as the theme offers, unless you are exceptionally good at coding.
2. Security wise WordPress is not great.
3. If you intend to run an e-commerce business, WordPress is ruled out. You can, but too many integrations can make it complex.

WordPress based sites are suitable for small businesses and freelancers. The best part is, we can help u with custom website layouts with WordPress as the content management system (CMS). If you need a website but do not know how, just click here.