34. What is Link Building ?

Link Building is an integral part of off-page Search Engine Optimisation (SEO).

Simply put Link building is the process of building links on the internet which point to your website. These are also called inbound links or backlinks.

Backlinks are an essential part of having an internet presence. Its a way to promote your services on the internet. Just like you meet people at gatherings, parties, functions, business meets and talk about your business you build links on the internet. Link building thus, is an integral part of the Internet marketing process.

The big Fact - Google considers inbound links as an important factor in the search engine ranking process.

Backlinks or inbound Links act as referrals on the internet. The more links pointing to your websites from relevant sources, the more Google will see you as an authoritative and reputed website.

While building links it's important to ensure that you do it right. We have a dedicated SEO team who work on SEO strategy and implementation to ensure that our clients get the best links possible. The better the quality of backlinks, the higher the website will rank and faster.

This simply means that more links bringing traffic to your website, more people are referring you because of products/services you’re good at.

The number of links is one of the many ways Google evaluates how valuable your website is to web users. So if you have a website and want to beat the competition start considering link building and feel free to contact our SEO specialists.