33. What is Bandwidth ?

If you are going to make your own website, then your web designer would have probably mentioned about buying server space and bandwidth. If you are already a website owner, then you probably already know about server space but might have been surprised by that email from the hosting provider that says bandwidth limit warning.

Simply put, Bandwidth is the amount of data that website visitors can download from a website. Each website is made of text, images and code and this defines the size of the page. Thus an easier way to estimate, is to get an estimate of the amount of bandwidth you require when hosting your website. This can be arrived at by calculating the number of visitors you expect to view your website on a daily and monthly basis.

This makes it important to know the bandwidth your web hosting provider is offering.

If you have a good hosting service then you can always buy more bandwidth when you breach your bandwidth limit. Pre-planning requirements can avoid this additional cost later.

To avoid the risk, one should prefer a web hosting service that offers unlimited bandwidth. Obviously the costs are higher, than when you buy limited bandwidth and this is preferred for ecommerce websites, news websites or travel category websites where the visitor base is large.

We offer standard packages for websites which consist of server space and bandwidth depending on the website design and business model requirements.