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Google Keyword Planner tool gets some cool enhancements

The adoption of Google Adwords as an effective advertising and marketing platform would not never been easier had it not been for the keyword research tool christened Google’s Keyword Planner. It’s has played an important role in understanding user search behavior and search trends as it continues to evolve here are some very good new additions to the Keyword Planner. These excellent enhancements to the keyword Planner will provide agencies and advertisers deeper insights into data. Data Comparison over time periods, mobile trends (#like), mobile device volumes(#like), enhanced, location wise breakdown graph, volume data breakdown by device (#superlike) and there’s more. What we find interesting is that the new additions have brought with them visual appeal and better data representation in graphical format that makes data more appealing and meaningful now.

Here is a quick peek into the new additions not in any specific order and I will leave the rest to you to explore. And then there’s our team to help you understand this better and help out with your campaigns.

1. Keyword suggestions and volume estimates will be provided for the time period specified with a bar graph that provides a visual depiction of changes over time. Hover over the bar (tap for smartphones and tablets) and you can details of each month.

2. Compare data over time periods and this too has graphical support. Now you can compare by time period like last year vs this year, preceding period or custom time periods, all with graphs.

The options here are

Previous Period: If the date range is set from January 2014 to March 2014 Google will compare and display results for the previous time period October 2013 to December 2013.

Same period last year: If your selected period is January 2014 to March 2014 Google will compare with January 2013 to March 2013.

Custom: You create your own custom comparison.

3. A simple little addition but something which really helps is the ability to now view absolute and relative changes for each ad group and keyword’s volume for the periods being compared.

4. Mobile trends visualization – the graph allows for a quick comparion to the total volume across all types of devices. Now you can estimate how much can mobile devices contribute and thus strategize a mobile campaign accordingly.

5. Visualizing location breakdown trends. View the search volumes and thus there able contribution that can be expected from various geographies under consideration for a campaign.

6. See breakdowns by device and targeted locations. This feature provides data with a visual graph allowing advertisers to understand the expected contribution from individual devices.

7. Traffic and bid estimates now get flexible time periods. Now results are available Monthly, Quarterly, or as Annual data. A period of time can now be specified by advertisers for better estimation.

8. Volume estimated by Device segmentation is now available for advertisers to view a breakdown of volume estimates by device.

9. Device specific estimate break ups. The estimates shown are based on the baseline bid applied across devices. Now you can add a bid adjustment and adjustments based on the input will be provided.

10. Location breakdowns for sub-geos of your targeted location. If you are targeting India you have the following location options – State, city, union territory, neighborhood and airports (more on these soon).

The Adwords planner is becoming better and  it’s good to note Googles attention to this important tool. Happy exploring.

Google Keyword Planner tool gets some cool enhancements

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