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Adwords Remarketing made easy with Analytics Smart Lists feature

Google is at it again and now it’s the turn of remarketers to rejoice. Google analytics has introduced a new feature for all those who find creating and managing remarketing lists an arduous task.  Now you have automatic remarketing list creation functionality in Google analytics called ‘Smart lists’. The objective is to make remarketing more manageable and less overwhelming.

We have heard many a consumer stating how annoying the chasing ads can be. While many think of it as a great co-incidence that ads seem to follow them wherever they visit online, for most it is an annoying experience. This happens when you do not have a properly researched remarketing strategy in place. Remarketing can work brilliantly and generate results if implemented properly.

How does this new Google Analytics Remarketing Smart List functionality Work

According to the official announcement, Smart Lists are built using learning across the millions of websites which have opted in to share data anonymously to predict which users are most likely to convert during a repeat visit. Based on the visitors on-site actions, Google Analytics is able to calibrate Adwords remarketing campaigns to align with each user’s value. With the smart lists option you basically let Google Analytics manage your list for you which automatically updates these lists based on website data. The below screenshot from the official page which shows the smart lists options,


For Sites with eCommerce Conversion Tracking in Analytics, since most ecommerce website owners already have enough data about traffic and conversion the need to explore further is not felt. If your site generates at least 500 monthly eCommerce transactions and 10,000 daily pageviews, then your Smart List is generated based on the unique factors that cause your own users to convert. A list based on your own site data appears as [MY SMART LIST] in the list builder. Only you will have access to this list, and no new data will be shared whether you use this feature or not.

For best results, Google Suggests that you make sure your Analytics goals and transactions are being imported into AdWords, then combine your Smart List with Conversion Optimizer in AdWords.

Simply put for newbies to remarketing this is an excellent feature and one which will drive performance and drive you to explore other remarketing strategies more effectively.

For existing users of remarketing the announcement says ” stay tuned while we gear up to extend this signal directly for your current lists as an optimization signal used in AdWords bidding. We’ll be continuing to iterate on these models in order to help users better understand and act on their data. We’re also working on surfacing these signals elsewhere in your reports and in the product so you can dive into what factors help predict whether a user will likely convert.”

Happy Remarketing. You can reach our team for any queries about Google Adwords and Remarketing.

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