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Social Media Platform Facebook Revamps Ad Structure for Campaigns

The much anticipated Facebook Ad Campaign Ad structure change is here.  Starting March 4th the global roll out of the new ad structure will begin. All old campaigns will be moved to the new ad structure.

With the new structure Facebook is introducing an additional level to their existing campaign/ad structure. The objective – Better campaign organisation, budget control and better performance management.

The new structure will look like this,

Social Media Platform Facebook Revamps Ad Structure for Campaigns 1

How is it different?

As of now, Advertisers  with expert social media agencies like us have hundreds of a campaigns in a single account. Each Campaign is focused on a different objective.  To cite an example,  A campaign may have 25% of their campaigns focused on engagement, 70% focused on acquiring fans, and 5% focused on driving traffic to the website or landing page to generate leads.  In this scenario managing campaigns meant monitoring multiple target audiences across multiple campaigns which called for investment of time. For Direct advertisers it meant delaing with multiple data points and analysis that would take days in the absence of a direct sophisticated ad management platform.

The new campaign structure will provide advertisers / social media agencies a new way to group campaigns and focus each on a single objective. This will result in improvements in social media campaign management and reporting. Needless to say data analysis will become better and faster.

The Big + we see is the ability to test multiple audience traction with a single campaign. Currently and by the time you read this it might be a thing of the past, the solution was to set up separate campaigns each targeting a different gender, age, geo combination among the many targeting options available. For example, if you want to know whether your advertising drives better results from male or female target audiences now you can test ads within each campaigns without having to set up multiple campaigns. An easy A/B testing feature finally.

Benefits of the new campaign structure

Organize campaigns into objectives

You can now set an objective (ex: clicks to website) for a campaign and group the ads that target the same audience segment into ad sets.

Optimize audiences

Easily compare the performance of audiences in the same campaign. You can now schedule and budget at the ad set level or utilize ON/OFF controls at any level to control delivery.

Measure performance with aggregate stats

Get reports of your ad performance, including total reach, for all levels: campaigns, ad sets, and ads. Use the ads reporting tool to breakdown ad performance by demographics, geography and placement so you can further optimize your audiences.

New Facebook ad structure Best practices 

Now a Campaign is equal to an Objective

Decide on your objectives and then create one campaign per objective (ex: Clicks to website / Landing page, Page Likes, App Installs, etc.) so you can optimize delivery, manage your spend, get the right reports, and maximize results for each objective.

The new level ‘Ad Set’ means thinking Audience targeting

An ad set should contain ads targeting the same audience segment (ex: F 18-24 Android) so you can easily compare and optimize audiences by adjusting schedules, budgets, or turning ON/OFF ad sets.

The Ad = Creative

Multiple ads should be created in each ad set to optimize for variations in placement (News Feed vs. RHS), images, video, text, or destination.

Happy Testing. In case you get stuck or want us to manage your social media campaigns we are just a call away.

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