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YouTube plans to make “Shorts” monetizable to regain supremacy!

youtube shorts

There is a piece of encouraging news for bite-sized video creators from the largest video-based search engine. YouTube is planning to gain the lost dominance in the video market and end the enormous success of relatively new social media entrants like TikTok and Instagram. 

According to media reports, YouTube sees a huge corporate benefit by expanding the scope of its “Shorts” feature. They will soon have an option to empower video content creators by fulfilling direct monetization. The new feature will permit ads to feature on YouTube Shorts, thereby giving creators to directly take home 45% of the ad revenue, which is now only available to other video content. At present, YouTube Shorts has a monthly viewership count of 1.5 billion and generated $ 28.8 billion in ad income last year through the YPP revenue share program. 

But the question remains, is it possible to insert ads into short videos? Yes, it is, and YouTube has been prepping to measure the success of this possibility for a while. It has already conducted a silent pilot experiment with the longer form YouTube videos by showing viewers up to 10 ‘bumper’ ads that lasted for only a few seconds before and after a video.

Hopefully, such ultra-short videos will be part and parcel of Shorts when it gets rolled out. Furthermore, YouTube will also make it easier for the creators to enter the YouTube Partner Program, which is the only way to earn ad revenue via the platform. For that, YouTube will relax the rules of mandatory public watch hours and subscriber numbers. This move by YouTube can help them gain a massive chunk of creators who made TikTok, Meta, and Instagram their fortress. Soon, YouTube’s effort to reward creators will have more takers, making their program hard to differentiate from the rest. When successful, the highly appreciable move by the tech giant will see more improvements and impact the lives of many untapped artistic potentials. 

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