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Twitter Experimenting With The Share To WhatsApp Feature

Another opportunity for marketers to increase their scope of integrated marketing? 

That’s right! 

With Twitter testing the share to WhatsApp button in India, marketers can vouch for users resharing Tweets to their WhatsApp contacts. Moreover, marketers can even use this button to share their content with users adding a more personal touch to their message. 

By including a WhatsApp button under the postings for Android users, Twitter is experimenting with a new way for users in India to share tweets. This is a huge addition to Twitter as well for WhatsApp users in India since the country has about 400 million active users and is projected to reach about 800 million by 2025 (Statista). 

However, the standard share button that opens up choices like bookmarking, sending through Direct Message, copying a link to a tweet, and sharing to other social media platforms will be replaced by the WhatsApp share button under the tweet. The function of the feature, which was made public as a test, is the same as that of the share button. 

In a statement to TechCrunch, Twitter says, 

“We are replacing the share icon on Tweets with the WhatsApp icon for the majority of people who use Twitter on Android in the country, so sharing their favourite or noteworthy Tweets is easy even beyond Twitter, making the experience more open, accessible, and holistic for them.” 

This is now the first time a social media platform is experimenting with the Share To WhatsApp feature which was previously introduced by ShareChat. However, considering how Twitter experimented with the “Top Tweets” feature early in March and scrapped it altogether, a final draft can differ drastically or perhaps be abandoned entirely. This would not be the first time that Twitter has to back down from UI modifications. 

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