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YouTube Introduces Audience Targeting Options For CTV Advertisers

YouTube audience targeting for ctv advertisers

Did you know that up until 2021, about 120 million people were watching YouTube on their TV screens? (CNBC) Major credit for this trend goes to the Covid-19 pandemic that limited the usage of resources and brought friends and families together to watch videos and movies from a single source. 

According to eMarketer, Connected TV (CTV) ad spending will reach $29.5 billion by 2024. Despite the fact that viewership has increased dramatically, according to eMarketer, most streaming time is spent without advertisements on services like Netflix, Disney+, and Amazon Prime Video. This gives YouTube the chance to inform marketers that they can use its platform to reach users of streaming TV. 

According to YouTube, the majority of content is still consumed on mobile devices. However, it claimed that in December 2021, over 25% of active YouTube users saw content nearly exclusively on a TV screen. However, at the time YouTube chose to decline to disclose how the remaining viewers are divided. 

But in 2022, along with disclosing YouTube’s recommendation processes, YouTube wants to provide users additional choices on this front by adding a precise audience to target video ads and streamlining the procedures for purchasing CTV inventory. 

Introducing Connected TV Ad Buying Options 

Marketers are looking for efficient ways to interact with streamers and gauge the impact of their campaigns across a number of CTV apps as consumers continue to switch from traditional TV to connected TV (CTV). To provide you with the choice to select the inventory and measurement solutions that are ideal for you, YpuTube launched new CTV solutions in Display & Video 360. 

YouTube will use Nielsen Digital Ad Rating (DAR) for “audience guarantees” to help CTV ad buyers to understand how many unique viewers they can attract from their target markets and demonstrate the effectiveness of the campaign across various digital media channels. Effective traditional TV advertising, as well as CTV, depends on being able to reach your target audiences. This will make it simpler to plan, acquire, and measure the campaign effectiveness of display ads via CTV. 

ctv campaigns

The Key Takeaway For “Audience Guarantees” For Ad Buyers 

Advertisers can now specify age and gender demographic when setting up their guaranteed ad deal with YouTube. For example, male adults aged 18 to 49. Advertisers will pay only for the ad impressions that reach your target audience as determined by Nielsen DAR. This service is free for marketers and works with all varieties of video campaigns, including connected TV commercials. 

The option effectively gives marketers more control over the precise audience reach for your advertising. In order to enable deduplicated insights to specific consumer segments and help you make sure that your advertisements are being seen by the appropriate people, Nielsen’s DAR insights combine census-based data, cutting-edge machine learning algorithms, and third-party datasets.

YouTube’s opportunity for CTV advertising can change the game for marketers. If you are not yet sure of how you can use this opportunity to your advantage,there is always a professional digital marketing agency you can contact to help you streamline your youtube campaigns. 

All the best!

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