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YouTube challenges Spotify with their new in-app podcast option – Welcome to podcasting with Youtube!

Youtube challenges spotify with in-app podcast

Podcasts have gone beyond the realm of conventional apps because of their newfound interest and increased listenership amongst internet users. Influenced by this trend, YouTube has incorporated an in-app space for podcasts alone. The inclusion of “youtube podcasts” will enable podcasters to upload their audio files directly to YouTube.

Unlike other platforms, YouTube podcasts allow users to upload video and audio versions on their podcast page. The new page will have several navigational features like ‘Popular Episodes’, ‘Popular Podcast Creators’, ‘Recommended’, etc. Currently, the platform is only accessible to a subset of people living in the US. The news about YouTube’s new venture got users’ attention when its overview look got leaked early this year via a leaked pitch deck.

According to it, YouTube Podcasts will allow users to feed their episodes through RSS as YouTube provides the support system in the form of audio ads, analytics, and many more. After the platform went live, many popular YouTubers have started their own podcast space on YouTube and shared their podcasts through in-studio video clips. The timely move from the video search engine giant is a major move toward boosting engagement and growth.

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