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Podcast Marketing Tips & SEO For Your Business


We always encourage and suggest you publish your content in more than one format. If you blog regularly, try your hands at creating infographics. If you already do that, try exploring the niche of videos or even the recently booming, podcast. Podcasting has recently made its entry in the content marketing niche and a number of podcast marketing tips assure you that this format of content can help you reach a wider audience. 

A podcast is a means for you to grow an audience, much like a blog. The people who enjoy your show’s style and content will stick around as regular listeners and may even share the link to the podcast using other social media networks. They spread the word about your programme, and you will eventually have a tribe of followers anxious to hear the next instalment.

Hosting your programme on platforms will also increase the number of new listeners who discover your show while conducting searches for particular themes. If you broadcast a programme on cooking, for instance, someone searching for a cooking podcast will find your show if it shows up in the search results for that phrase.

We have put together this guide to podcast marketing tips to help you make the most of your content marketing journey using podcasting. This guide will walk you through optimising your podcasts once it is created, marketing them and garnering a listenership. 

But first, let’s address the pressing question. 

Why Does My Business Need Podcast? 

Much like thought leadership, with the help of podcasts, the voice of your business is initially introduced to the audience, who may then gradually learn about its vision, beliefs, and level of expertise in its industry. You can also create a more informal or professional public image. In the end, people should view you as a trustworthy and approachable provider of goods, information, and amusement.

Here are some reasons why your business should definitely invest in content marketing through podcasting. 

Connect With Audiences Directly 

connect with your audience

The simplest method to let customers know about new and current items, special events you’re organising, or anything else you need to discuss is, at the very least, through a podcast.

Your digital marketing agency can help you in advertising and social media marketing this can generate a lot of interest, but they sometimes come at a high cost or don’t perform as well as anticipated. However, if people are listening to your podcasts, you may promptly share whatever information you choose.

Your company’s podcast has a decent potential of convincing listeners to respond to calls to action in addition to directly informing your viewers, especially if you’ve developed a close relationship with them.

Earn Revenue 


By following these podcast marketing tips, your podcasts can reach a massive audience. This is because you don’t have to limit your podcasts to audio. You can create video content whole recording podcasts, in other words, repurpose your podcast content. This way, you are not just the listeners but also the viewers. While the video content goes up on platforms like TikTok, Instagram and YouTube, the podcast content goes up on platforms like iTunes, Google Podcasts and Spotify. This can help you double your income streams. 

YouTube can come off as a complex platform and this is why most businesses trying to start their YouTube channels first take the help of YouTube marketing management services to achieve their content and SEO targets. 

A podcaster’s typical source of money is advertising, which may be sizable for a well-liked show. To put things in context, a 60-second advertisement’s average CPM, or cost per 1,000 listeners, is $25. Subscriptions, premium content, crowdfunding, sponsored events, and other sources of income can be added to ad revenue. 

Again, each feature broadens the possibilities for your company beyond raising revenue.

This may result in more exposure, partnerships, special events, and, of course, delighted clients. Your conversion rates will consequently experience ongoing increases.

Guest Podcasting (Just like Guest Posting) 

Just like guest posting helps in link-building for SEO, guest podcasting can help you create a network of people and podcasts. This can help you in search optimisation. 

A fantastic approach to engaging with a brand-new group of prospective listeners is through guest podcasting. At this point, you start appearing as a guest on other people’s podcasts.

It should be a respectable podcast with a similar target audience to your own, however not just any podcast. 

Listeners already believe the podcast presenter, so if you can establish your authority and claim at the conclusion of the episode that you have a podcast with far more in-depth coverage of the subject, you can persuade a significant portion of those listeners to switch over and subscribe to yours.

Generate Traffic & Increase Conversions 

generate traffic

Like many other content formats, podcasting enables you to get to know your audience, which motivates them to tune in frequently. If your SEO agency has done a good job in optimising your podcast, it can not just reach the right audiences at the right time but also help you gain more qualified leads and nurture a long-term relationship with the leads. 

Gaining a devoted listener improves the likelihood that they will share your podcast with others, expanding your reach and generating more traffic and leads for you. It’s likely that if you generate enough new leads, your conversion rates will go up as well.

By now, you must be convinced that podcasts do more good for your business than any other content format. However, it is a futile effort if you don’t know how to optimise podcasts. Therefore, let us now see how you can turn your podcasts SEO-friendly. 

What Is The Right Way To Optimise Podcasts? 

why podcast

Before we start listing the steps you need to follow to optimise your podcast, make sure you are mentally prepared to work with an SEO strategy. Listeners won’t have a wonderful method to discover, engage with, and listen to a podcast if it is just posted to traditional platforms. 

Here are the podcast marketing tips to maximise your online presence with podcasts. 

Set A Theme, Select A Topic 

Much like your social media or blog, you need to discover what you want to talk about and what your audience wants to hear. For this, you need to research your audience and also brainstorm internally with your team about the missions, values and goals of the company. 

Your podcast must have a subject or topic, even if its format is more akin to a discussion.

Data about your audience should be your starting point. If you identify a specific theme based on the tastes and expectations of your audience, Google will have an easier time understanding the content of your podcast and how to index it. Additionally, a distinct theme makes it easier for your audience to follow your essential points without becoming sidetracked by the debate.

Having A Website Helps 

have a website

Even while you don’t need to have a website to launch your own podcast, it may greatly improve your SEO. By having a website, you may improve traffic to your episodes by making it simpler for search engines to find them. Additionally, you may utilise it to create an email list of your most devoted listeners.

You may publish blog posts on a website in addition to your podcasts. Similar to other blog entries, these blogs may be optimised to increase reader engagement by connecting from one episode to the next and adding relevant posts.

Use Keywords To Name Your Episodes 

Text search and user reviews form the foundation of podcast search engines. Their algorithms just don’t have as many parameters to consider as traditional search engines, which may include factors like the content on a webpage and the links leading to and from it.

To make sure that podcasts can be found, each show’s episode titles and descriptions are essential. This implies that titles should be as close as possible to the search phrases. For podcasts to appear higher in search results, keyword research is essential. Include a keyword research tool, such as Google Trends, Analytics, or SemRush, to find keywords, themes, and trends connected to your content that you may use in the title of your show.

Add Transcripts 

Make a landing page that includes a podcast transcript. It will improve your podcast’s SEO and assist accessibility for those who are hard of hearing and wish to read your recordings. Transcripts are a fantastic place to start, but also use effective SEO techniques like subheadings, keywords, pertinent links, etc. 

Audio transcripts also increase listener accessibility by providing a concise, readable summary of all the material addressed in each episode.

Google’s Natural Language Processing (NLP) skills have improved, but they’re still not flawless. Because of this, providing a transcription of each episode might aid search engines in better understanding your podcast. The discoverability of your podcast may be significantly increased with the correct emphasis on keywords, content structure, and essential subjects. 

Link To Social Media 

link socials

The number of shares and comments your podcast receives on social media is a reliable sign of its popularity.

Your social media plan should be based on facts about your subject and target audience, just like any other marketing endeavours. For instance, research indicates that millennials are the primary audience for podcasts. This has an impact on how and where you market your content.

Create tracking links to identify your top-performing channels once you’ve shared your material in the appropriate locations. Then, use this information to influence the optimization process.

Invest In High-Quality Equipment 

invest in high quality equipment

Event though the quality of your podcast does not directly impact your SEO performance, it does have an indirect impact. If your podcast quality is low, it may lead to high levels of bounce rates and low completion rates of the podcast. 

This is because listeners might choose to exit the podcast before in the first few seconds if they are unable to hear your voice properly or feel like they can find a better-produced podcast elsewhere and end up listening to your competitors. You want may want to avoid this. 

You must be sure to invest in the greatest podcasting equipment if you want your show to be a success. A podcast’s sound quality is a crucial component, and you must never skimp on it. Before going live, it is advised to utilise high-quality podcast microphones and verify your sound levels. The only way to guarantee that you can compete in this fiercely competitive market for podcasts is to have the greatest microphones and technology.

Ask The Audience To Subscribe & Leave Reviews 

subscribe like share

It’s critical for listeners to subscribe to your podcast so they can receive any new episodes you produce automatically. This is also an effective call-to-action (CTA) for your listeners.  Reviews and ratings serve as social evidence when it comes to products. They are essential since they provide an insightful approach to learning what your viewers think of your programme. 

People are therefore more inclined to download and listen to an episode if you have positive ratings and reviews. In conclusion, constantly urge your listeners to rate you and give reviews as they are crucial for your podcast. 

Social proof may be used in other ways outside social media to increase your podcast’s popularity. Reviews help you reach new audiences and let search engines know which of your articles are the most popular ones. Reviews from reputable third-party websites are greatly valued by Google.

So, if your podcast is something your audience has appreciated, invite them to submit a review. Make the process as simple, quick, and clear as possible for your most devoted supporters by starting with them.

The fact that Google is enhancing its algorithm to give podcast SEO more weight suggests that this is a content kind that is anticipated to keep expanding.

The potential of podcasting as a content format is growing in 2022 thanks to improved SEO skills. Podcasting has long been a great method to humanise your business, demonstrate your expertise, and forge relationships. Make sure you make the most of it. 

All the best! 

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