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Make your Holiday Sales more Profitable with Google’s Ads Performance Max Features and Best Practices


In the newest upgrade to Google Ads, Google has improved Performance Max campaigns with novel features and complemented them with best practices to make the holiday sales promotion efforts more fruitful. 

Compatibility With Performance Planner

The new upgrade allows advertisers to predict the results of  Performance Max campaigns by leveraging the in-built Google Ads Performance Planner tool. Even though the feature was previously available for other Google Ads segments like App, Display, Local campaigns, Shopping, Search, Video, etc., its addition to the Performance Max campaign performance is the most anticipated one.

This is what Google said about the inclusions in an announcement:

“You can forecast how your campaign may perform in the future and simulate what could happen when you adjust elements like your campaign budget and ROAS or CPA targets. Assess how changes to campaigns could affect key metrics like conversion value. Performance Planner’s forecasts are also adjusted for seasonal events so you can explore your potential holiday opportunities in the upcoming weeks.”

Asset Group Scheduling

From now on, the Asset groups will allow you to include automated rules, allowing marketers to schedule their campaigns to use asset groups whenever required. Automated rules let you schedule ads throughout the run time. Additionally, you can also time asset groups, like creating a group of holiday-themed assets before a special sale. 

Additional headlines

After the upgrade, users can upload up to 15 test headlines to the Performance Max asset group; previously, that number was 5. This refresh helps advertisers test for the right mix of headlines and pick the ones that produce maximum results.

Explanations option for sales campaigns

Google has included an Explanations feature to enhance the effectiveness of online sales with a product feed. The feature is specific to Performance Max campaigns and will highlight an analysis of the status of your products and top sellers. The data inform retailers about the performance of their products during the holiday shopping season. 

The addition of first-party audience insights

The new update lets advertisers include data fragments as signals from the audience in the Performance Max campaigns, which helps Google discover more consumers who might be interested in buying their products. The option to include audience insights data on the Insights page will be active within a few days. When that option becomes fully available, you will be able to gain valuable insights from the data and know the best-performing customer lists in terms of conversion. 

Best practices for Google Ads Performance Max Holiday

Google distributed the following best practices for advertisers utilizing Performance Max during holiday sales. 

  • Tweak campaign budgets and CPA targets or ROAS before the peak holiday time.
  • Use seasonality adjustments during a sales campaign expected to significantly shift conversion rates for over a week. 
  • Create separate campaigns with their budgets and goals when promoting specific products. 
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