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Google’s Gives Enterprises More Time To Switch From Universal Analytics


In an attempt to provide more time for users to switch to GA4, Google is delaying the sunset date of Universal Analytics 360 by almost a year. This time interval gives enterprise marketers more time to make a smooth transition. This “offer” is exclusive to the users of the enterprise version of Universal Analytics. According to Google, the new deadline will change from October 1, 2023, to July 1, 2024. However, Google will go ahead with the plan to sunset standard Universal Analytics properties on the announced date: July 1, 2023. 

Google states: 

“We’re focusing our efforts and investments on Google Analytics 4 to deliver a solution built to adapt to a changing ecosystem. Because of this, throughout 2023 we’ll be shifting support away from Universal Analytics 360 and will move our full focus to Google Analytics 4 in 2024.”

Meanwhile, the search engine giant warns enterprise customers about an impending performance dip in Universal Analytics 360 till the new sunset date. Current users can transition from Universal Analytics to Google Analytics 4 any time from now. There is a benefit awaiting customers who make timely switching- they will have the opportunity to carry forward more historical data in Google Analytics 4. Apart from that, there are several other advantages of moving to Google Analytics 4 before the allocated time. The biggest of them is the new features awaiting release in 2023. 

New features in the pipeline for 2023

Google is expected to release the following updates to GA4 in 2023:

  • Automatic migration: This feature helps you create GA4 property with the help of Google’s Setup Assistant, which will automatically create a GA4 if you fail to create one before early 2023. This does not mean you don’t have the option to do it manually; you can opt out if you don’t want the process automated. 
  • Behavioral modeling: When it comes to real-time reporting in Google Analytics 4, behavioral modeling will use machine learning to complete the process when cookies and other identifiers are absent.
  • Custom channel grouping: This feature allows you to compare the combined performance of a custom choice of channels. 
  • Campaign Manager 360 integration: This tool lets marketers bid towards automated bid strategies of Video 360 and GA4 conversions in Display. 

The extra time will benefit only enterprise customers. In the interim, Google will transform GA4 into a product tailor-made for enterprises. 

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