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Latest YouTube Refresh: Additional Search Insights, New Channel Page Layout


YouTube’s latest update has something for creators to be happy about. It is loaded with a lot of useful changes that will help creators make content a lot easier and also gain ideas for their new video projects. The recent refresh includes an option to access search insights in additional languages and a novel design for channel pages. The video-sharing platform launched several updates in the past week, including an improved version of search insights which will now be available in more languages, plus a new layout for channel pages. 

YouTube Search Insight Will Be Available In More Languages

Introduced in November last year, YouTube’s search insights contain information about trending queries that help creators produce more content that aligns with people’s interests. Search insights allow creators to discover what their audience is looking for and what viewers are looking for across YouTube. 

Additionally, search insights highlight content gaps is another option that enhances creators using the platform. The feature helps them generate ideas for their upcoming videos. Earlier, search insights were only accessible in English, letting creators from India, the US, Canada, and the UK use the feature to their benefit. After the new update, the tool will become available in additional languages. To fulfil that, YouTube is experimenting with making the desktop version of Search Insights available in popular languages like Japanese, Hindi, and Korean, with more inclusions, lined up for the future. 

YouTube Channel Pages Will Feature A New Layout


YouTube’s channel pages will have two new types of updates. The first one will have a navigation bar positioned below the channel information section. Channel information will continue to stay at the top as users toggle through different tabs. There is also another monetary benefit to this change. Apart from making this information easier for creators to access, this change will make the ‘Join’, and ‘Store’ buttons more vivid, helping creators boost revenue. 

The second tweak is that videos will be separated into two separate tabs: YouTube Shorts and long-form videos. Earlier, all videos were categorised in the same tab, which made it difficult for creators to distinguish between the two video types. 

If you are looking for more on this week’s updates YouTube made for creators, click on the video link below from searchenginejournal.

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