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Google Rolls Out The Product Review Update In September 2022


Google had recently instructed its users in August 2022 that it would soon roll out an update on fetching high-quality product reviews and it was finally released on the 20th of September 2022. 

Google was aiming to create higher-quality product reviews with its algorithm update and to recap, it placed emphasis on the following: 

  • Include pertinent in-depth information, such as the pros and cons of a certain item, technical details on how a product works, or differences between the product and past iterations.
  • People who have utilised the product ought to post them. They must describe the product’s physical characteristics and how to use it.
  • Give original input that is not available anywhere else, go above what the manufacturer offers, and include images, audio, and connections to other areas where the reviewer has provided feedback.
  • Compare and discuss what distinguishes the product from its competitors.

Usually, Google’s updates take 2 weeks to roll out but in its latest announcement, the search engine giant says that it is “mostly done”: 

“The September 2022 core update has not been fully completed but it’s mostly done. We expect it will be fully complete within a week and will share on our updates page when it is done.”

Google announced on Twitter that users will be informed once the roll-out is finally complete. 

Google stated that although the initial rollout will only affect “English-language product evaluations,” this modification “may affect people who create product reviews in any language” in the future. Google noted that this update had previously had “good consequences” and that it “plans to open up product review support for more languages” in the future.

Google’s product review update emphasises that the general focus is on presenting people with information that delivers insightful analysis and unique research, content published by experts or enthusiasts who know the issue well. The following list of “other beneficial questions to consider in terms of product reviews” is similar advice to the basic update recommendations given above.

Since this is not a core update, it will only affect those websites that publish product reviews.  

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