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Secrets to Social Media Success – Is Midnight the Best Time to Post on Social Media in 2021?

social media post timings for 2021

How do certain social media profiles become popular? What makes a viewer start following a page or like particular posts? How can a social media post inspire even a tiny amount of interest? What is the secret of those successful social media influencers? One of the many tricks of the trade not many tell you – find the best time to post on social media in 2021.

Well, studies have revealed that you are likely to get more visibility if you know when to post. Social media algorithms are ever-changing; it could be the relevance of the content that determines where to direct a post combined with timing. Social media management has turned into a full-fledged professional opportunity. Given the sheer volume and growth of online engagement, managers and strategists instructions to improve their brand’s visibility might be in for a considerable challenge, and hiring a social media marketing agency is the right step forward, 

There is no ideal tactic that will work as a magic solution and change things overnight, but if you use a strategic approach, are ready to innovate and try new ideas, keep a watch on analytics data, you can find the social media campaign strategies that work the magic better for your brand.

Before we look at the best times to post on social media in 2021 for your posts, let us look at a few other secrets to becoming a social media success. 

Secrets to Social Media Marketing Success

Effective social media strategy.

As mentioned earlier, devising a sound strategy can make a big difference to your social media success. While developing a strategy, focus on your target audience. Their reactions and responses will show you how to communicate and promote your brand. It also helps determine how you can curate your content to create a lasting impression on your potential and existing customers.

Choose the right social media platform.

While you try to discern your target audience’s behaviour, you must also find their preferred social media. For instance, if they show more engagement with images and videos, approaching them using Facebook marketing or Instagram marketing is better. In this way, you can approach your target audience where they are most active, and if you succeed, you can safely assume that your social media management is quite effective.

Partner with a social media influencer.

Successful social media influencers have dedicated followers in huge numbers. These followers trust their judgement and look to them for advice and recommendations. If an influencer promotes your brand on their page, you could attract several potential buyers interested in the influencer’s positive reviews. Following this partnership, you will also note an increase in your reach and engagement.

Actively engage with your audience.

You must reply to the comments / feedback received on your posts. Though responding to private messages can be intrusive, you must answer all queries you receive. Personally responding to your prospects & customers show that you care. It would also inevitably help you build a close-knit social media community. When you reply, make sure that your responses align with the brand persona and positioning you have communicated as part of your social media marketing.

There is a case for Quality over quantity

In social media, strength doesn’t just lie in numbers, but you add quality as another component, and you can see social media success faster. It is a misconceived notion that posting multiple times a day is the perfect way to end up on your customers’ newsfeed to remind them of your brand. Unless your content merits more than a mere glance, the consumers may conclude you are merely spamming them for business. And this feeling has to be avoided.  

Keep your posts interesting, and show your followers something new with each upload. Take the help of social media scheduling tools and create a content calendar for each month. You can plan your posts and gain ground on every platform for your brand.

Now, let us talk about posting times. What social media post schedules are most likely to suit your brand’s online presence. 

To what extent does the time of a social media post impact visibility?

As we have read above, curating informative content is essential. It is equally important to engage with your followers and partner with influencers to polish your brand image. The one point yet to be discussed was the ideal time to upload your posts. What are the chances that you’ve been posting content during the least productive hour of the day?

According to data collected by Sprout Social, Facebook showed consistent engagement from Tuesday through Thursday from 8 a.m. till 3 p.m (all mentioned times follow CST or Central Time Zone) and the lowest engagement each day before 7 a.m. and after 5 p.m. Thus, users are active on Facebook around midday through the course of the week, while they stay offline during the mornings and evenings.

Instagram users almost mimic the behavior of Facebook users. Their peak engagement is also during mid-day and lesser engagement on weekends. From Monday to Friday, engagement was consistent between 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. It reached its lowest point before 6 a.m. and after 9 p.m. 

Unlike other social media platforms, Instagram showed unexpected engagement at certain hours on weekends and in the mornings, attributed to Instagram stories’ popularity.  

A study conducted by Latergramme revealed that the best time to post on social media platform Instagram was from 2 a.m. to 5 p.m. Midnight sounds like an unusual choice for posting, but it makes sense. At 2 a.m., your audience’s feeds will not be brimming with new stories because fewer people post during sleep hours, though active users stay online.  

You can increase your engagement and reach by following a posting schedule that is unique to your company. For instance, the Instagram algorithm is based on timelines, and the 2018 update has only reinforced the importance of choosing the right time to share your posts during the day. 

Thus, you must optimize your posting time such that your posts reach a majority of your potential customers when they are online. 


Good content matters, and selecting the best time to post on social media in 2021 is also a critical part of your social strategy. When you plan your social media strategy and learn your target audience’s behavior, note down their active hours so that you can ensure that your posts reach them just when they are ready to be entertained.

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