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Engaging Users on Social Media – 10 Instagram Marketing Secrets

Engaging Users on Social Media - 10 Instagram Marketing Secrets 1

From time immemorial, every brand’s success has been dependent on how effectively they engage with their potential customer base and whether or not this base keeps growing. Though this basic premise is still relevant in the 21st century, a few other things have changed. The number of active accounts on social media has snowballed in the past decade, making social media the best platform to interact with customers. According to the Digital 2020 July Global Statshot, over half the world’s population have social media accounts. Among social media platforms, Instagram’s growth has been incredibly immense so no wonder you want to know the Instagram marketing secrets that are helping your competition move ahead of you.

According to a recent statistical report, over 1 billion people use Instagram monthly. At least 63% of these users log in regularly. This platform’s user base has an even mix of genders (48-52% are male users). On top of that, almost 200 million users visit at least one business profile daily. All these features make Instagram a marketing haven for brands. If used correctly, Instagram can do wonders for your brand.

Let’s understand how to refine your Instagram marketing strategy and the ten Instagram marketing secrets that will help you engage more customers.

Here come the 10 Instagram Marketing secrets to engaging users and marketing your brand

With thousands of brands vying for Instagrammers’ attention, it can be difficult to grab their attention and draw them to your brand’s profile. The Instagram marketing secrets that follow will not only help you engage your target audience, but it will also help turn them into loyal Instagram followers of your brand. So, without further adieu, let’s get down to business.

1. Churn out ‘Saveable’ content for your feed.

With Instagram seeking to make the number of likes invisible to followers, nobody will like posts just because of a massive number of likes. Instead, comments under a post and the option of saving posts will be your saving grace. So, make sure you make ‘saveable’ content for your feed. Create innovative and novel content that can keep your followers interested. Add a call-to-action at the end of every post, asking your followers to save the post. 

Travel pages are already reaping the benefits of this Instagram marketing trick by uploading catchy posts, which include lesser-known information about various destinations.

2. Never stop experimenting with your content.

This might seem a bit absurd, especially when you believe that you have the best content because of increasing customer engagements. But take our word for it, only a few things change quicker than an Instagrammer’s tastes. If you are not experimenting with your content type, you are little more than a sitting duck. Here are a few tips:

  • Try out videos of different lengths using the latest features such as reels, Instagram Stories, and IGTV. 
  • Experiment with new story filters.
  • Create new types of content, such as memes, quotes, or infographics.

3. Engage users using the Instagram story stickers.

The report cited above also mentions that over 500 million Instagrammers use the story feature every day. To gain traction for the ‘Instagram for Business’ concept, Instagram has introduced interactive stickers that directly help brands engage with their followers. This creates a belief of personal connection in the minds of your followers. This feature has proved to be the quintessential success trick for brands to retain followers on Instagram. Some of the most popular story stickers are:

  • The Countdown sticker.
  • The Quiz Sticker.
  • The Question sticker.

4. Show your followers both sides of the coin.

During early 2020, the demand for authenticity emerged as a trend, and in 2021 it has not lost momentum. Though the influencer community initially started this trend, it has now gained traction among brands and businesses. Make content that shows the ups and downs of your brand’s journey. Doing so will help you create a humane image and form a deeper bond with your Instagram followers.

5. Create content that gets shared on stories.

We have already mentioned how stories are a rage on Instagram. One way of reaching a vast audience is by prompting your Instagram followers to share your posts as stories. But that will only happen when you make incentivized content. You can also see how many times your posts get shared on stories making it a reliable customer engagement metric. 

6. Data-driven, personalized content is here to stay.

Data-driven, personalized content like infographics are all set to be the trend in the coming months. Make optimum use of this trend to enhance your Instagram marketing.

7. Videos, videos, and some more videos.

The video-content trend on Instagram shows no signs of stopping. We expect this trend to gather ground in the upcoming months, especially with the new Reels feature.

8. Get more views by scheduling posts and stories.

On visiting your profile’s Instagram Analytics, you will notice that there are peak times during the day when stories and posts get maximum views. Leverage this knowledge to schedule your posts and stories accordingly. Scheduling will also help you maintain regularity.

9. Use the power of hashtags.

The proper use of hashtags is an evergreen Social Media marketing strategy. Hashtags help you increase your reach. It is essential to conduct detailed research and identify the hashtags that bode well with your brand. This enables you to refine your hashtag strategy and helps you engage with your target audience.

10. Multiple captions and multiple images.

Instagram’s algorithm takes into account the time spent on your post while judging its performance. An effective yet simple way to increase user engagement is to hold the viewer longer with posts with carousel type flow. Tell your followers about ideas, products, or services you wish to market. However, make sure you amuse your audience.

These 10 Instagram marketing tips will drive your brand’s user engagement on Instagram. Armed with these tricks and a dose of dedication and determination, we hope that you can drive your brand’s popularity through the roof. And in case you run out of time as your business grows, you can always enroll as a client with us as your social media marketing agency.

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