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Analyse Data In Ads Data Hub Through These 2 New Ways


There’s excellent news for marketers and advertisers from Google! 

The search engine giant is launching new tools in Ads Data Hub that will give you to analyse data with more accuracy. 

What Is The Ads Data Hub? 


Ads Data Hub supports personalized campaign analysis while safeguarding user privacy for advertisers, agencies, and measurement partners. The cloud-based Ads Data Hub can be used by more than 3,000 brands, agencies, and measurement partners to conduct analytics for their unique business goals.

Ads Data Hub customers have a variety of demands, therefore Google has developed more specific entry points to get started. Marketers need the right tools to quantify a consumer’s journey to purchase and engage new audiences. At the same time, measurement partners carry out independent evaluations of measures like audience reach and video viewability.

Ads Data Hub For Marketers 

Advertisers and agencies may now evaluate their data in a new way thanks to Ads Data Hub for Marketers. They may easily acquire information with the help of this technology, which will help them make smarter media purchases. For marketers performing queries and activating their first-party data, this implies a more straightforward experience. 

Ads Data Hub For Advertisers 

Partners now have a new entry point to offer YouTube measurement services on behalf of marketers, advertisers, agencies, or publishers thanks to Ads Data Hub for Measurement Partners. With this launch, partners will find it simpler to provide precise measurements and convey insights in almost real-time. As a result, marketers can now calculate and report on YouTube ad effectiveness across devices, formats, and KPIs with the help of unbiased third-party partners. 

According to Google, providing precise and nearly real-time insights is simpler with the version of Ads Data Hub created for measurement partners.

It enables advertisers to track and report YouTube ad performance across devices, formats, and analytics in collaboration with independent third-party partners. In order to support cross-media solutions for YouTube, Google is also enhancing measurement capabilities on Ads Data Hub. This enables a comparison of YouTube campaign performance to that of other media platforms.

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