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7 SEO Tips and Trends for Faster Success you cannot miss

seo tips and trends 2021

For anyone who’s looking to boost search rankings and website traffic, following SEO trends is a must. SEO has transformed the web into a world of content. Ideally, you need an SEO expert to understand and set up a customized SEO operation for your business. This article will help you sink your teeth into the important aspects of SEO. So here are some SEO tips and trends that will improve the prospects of your business in the digital world.

Let’s get started with this article on SEO Tips and Trends

Long-form content will help improve SERPs

Various research reports like the HubSpot content marketing report or the same by semrush suggest that long articles tend to get more traffic and more shares. 

So what is the best website blog/article length? The answer is: 1500 to 2500 words seem to work best, but then in certain business categories like eCommerce, content smartly interspersed with multiple images has done well. While effective as an SEO trend, long-form articles, blogs, or webpages must have high-quality content with thoughtful layouts and mobile-friendly formatting. How that for the beginning of SEO tips and trends.

Role of A.I. in SEO

AI or artificial intelligence is here, and we know how it has already started embedding itself in our lives. The role of A.I. for content catered better to customers can no longer be ignored. Take an example of Google’s A.I. algorithm, RankBrain. It plays a vital role in selecting web pages for SERP results. Click-through rate and the amount of time spent on a page are among the many data points data that A.I. identifies as user experience signals. A.I. is the next giant leap for voice search queries.

Mobile-friendliness and search rankings

Nowadays, most internet users access the internet via their mobile devices. Mobile-first indexing is a method Google implemented to primarily focus on the engagement metrics from the mobile version of websites as important factors for mobile search ranking. 

Mobile-friendly websites do perform better according to the data we continue to review on Google’s search console. We suggest you check your website’s mobile user interaction data more closely because everybody is always on their phones, Googling for things that come to mind.

Core Web Vitals

Google has announced in may 2020 that 3 vital statistics, Loading, Interactivity, and Visual Stability called Core Web Vitals will be used for measuring user experience. Broadly all metrics point to effective page load time, time to interactive status, and stability while loading.

You will have to pay close attention the core web vitals to appear on the first page of search results. 

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High content ranking and What is Google E.A.T.?

The Google E.A.T. principle pertains to expertise, authoritativeness, and trustworthiness. It has gained importance over the years. These 3 factors help decide if a website has enough quality content. It is essential to understand the kind of content your customer’s value (best done with the help of an SEO agency)and then ask your content writing agency to ensure that the success formula is implemented. 

Good authority comes from content that helps and answers to questions your audience might have. In addition to formatting content, supporting claims with statistics and facts from other reputable sources are tips you can use. 

How to engage your readers with content?

First step: break down the lengthy read into sections and subheadings. Subheadings work incredibly well for users in a hurry who want to skim the content before getting down to read it. Sharing links to relevant pages or external sources is a good practice. 

Videos the growing influence on SEO strategy

A 2019-research shows how online video consumption will reach a whopping 100 minutes on average by 2021.

That’s not all, here is exciting data from another video content consumption report which too draws from other multiple data points, 

There is a 52% increase in time spent watching videos per week. People spend an average of 16 hours watching online videos every week. 

A whopping 1200% (yup, you read it right) more shares are generated by Social video as compared to text and image content combined. 

In the text vs. video match for retention, video wins with 85% higher retention than text.

Branded social videos are influencing 64% of consumers towards purchase. 

A massive 68% of consumers favor watching videos when it comes to learning about new products or services compared to articles, infographics, ebooks, and presentations. 

82% would choose to watch live videos than browse social media posts. No, no, no, this does not mean social media is dead because video is growing. A good part of video consumption is increasing on social media. 

SEO presents opportunities in video marketing too. Need more be said!

and head here if you wish to know more about video content marketing techniques.

The last of the SEO tips and trends for this article – Annual content auditing

As a company that wants to grow using digital marketing, it is crucial to know the content that works for your websites and the target audience. Also known as content auditing, this process helps you spot the ignored content that nobody’s paying attention to and provides the audience with more of what they need. 

As time-consuming and arduous as it is, content auditing is a frequently neglected but essential ingredient of the SEO success recipe. Google Search Console and Google Analytics are some auditing tools that help identify areas that need rectification and revision.

With the power of SEO on your side, your success is only as far as your SEO agency to keep yourself ahead of the game.

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