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10 reasons why a Business Blog can be a potent Internet Marketing and SEO tool

As a business how can you leverage the art of Blogging? Rather the first question that young entrepreneurs and new businesses ask me is why should we blog? Will it help my business? How will it help?

Let me put it this way, as a new business or as a business going online what are your key objectives – one you want to reach out to more and more prospects, two you want them to visit your website, interact and provide you with an opportunity to do business and third you want to create credibility and trust. Now how do you go about doing that? Surely you can have good products or services to offer, you can perfect the delivery mechanism and great prices, but how do you win the trust of the first time customer and how do you constantly engage the existing customers in a way which will lead to the customers believing that they have taken the right decision by choosing you. The answer lies in the ability to connect with prospects and customers beyond the website presence.

Here is where a blog plays an important role to connect with your customers. You can announce new products, show the human side of your company and enhance its image. No business would want to miss that. Given the vast amount of information floating online, blogging is now viewed as a critical part of all growing businesses marketing plans.

Let’s look at some more reasons to go blogging for business.

1. Blogging adds to your visibility and online presence. This not only helps your marketing plans but allows prospects a certain comfort level before engaging.

2. Unlike other forms of online marketing like SEO, SEM, Display ads, Articles, press releases which are largely marketing copy, built out of what you feel are the important elements to be showcased, blogging allows you to share real information, showcase the business as a  persona, and it creates opportunities for open communication.

3. We all want to know more about a company before we put our hands into our pockets to spend hard earned money on a purchase. Thus it is important for people to see the personal side of your company, the team behind the ideas, profiles / expertise, achievements, smaller milestones achieved towards the bigger objective. Blogs are all about connecting with people.

4. If implemented correctly it is a potent opportunity, effectively bringing you more business.

5. People are more willing to reach out to companies that reach out to them through their blog. That makes a blog a great interactive and feedback tool.

6. It is a window for your customers to initiate contact with you, share views and even criticize, providing an opportunity to learn and act faster, maybe take corrective action on a problem area which could affect sales.

7. The blog also brings out the best in you as a business owner since you have something to say, something about the organization which will be of interest to the reader – a message.

8. Given the steady rise in marketing costs the blog is a brilliant search engine optimization tool. The more you blog, the more indexed pages you have, and that can get you more organic visitors which will be viewed positively by search engines.

9. When you share information and expertise not only do you help customers you help a whole new lot of entrepreneurs and product service providers who can reach you with opportunities to improve your own business ROI.

10. Blogs help especially when you have products which may need updates or for which you develop add-ons / accessories. Blogs are the obvious medium to talk more and explain in detail about such developments.

Happy Blogging!!!

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