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More than 10 Best Content Writing Tips Google will Love!

Have you been hearing a lot of Internet Marketing and SEO professionals talking day in and day out about the many changes that Google is constantly making to its algorithm and how these are affecting our search engine rankings? Well, it is true. Google has always been on the lookout for better relevancy in its search results and that this was always meant to impact the way search results would be presented in the future.

Google’s ultimate goal as a business is to help people find the most relevant and highest quality sites in search results. The algorithm updates are the steps in this direction.

Thus what is important is to understand and appreciate Google’s efforts and in the wake of the many changes being implemented by them, evaluate your website to ensure that you are doing what is required to show Google that you deserve higher rankings for keywords.

What’s does this mean?

It simply means asking the right questions and finding the right answers when creating a website and its content architecture.

There are many questions you should be asking yourselves when creating a website and especially when SEO is critical to your internet marketing budgets. The most important after design, navigation and usability is CONTENT. Yes, high-quality content is going to be very important now. Not that it wasn’t earlier but now content gains more weightage. And why should it not be, afterall the prospects are taking the trouble of visiting your website for a need fulfillment and that needs to be attended in the best manner possible. And that is possible through effective content writing (including seo friendly writing and prospect engaging content writing).

Here are some questions you need to ask yourself:

*How is content creation planned? Is content generated by attempting to guess what might rank well in search engines or based on what the user?

* Is the information presented trustworthy? Will you trust the written word as you have decided to post online.

* Is this content written by an expert or enthusiast? The clarifies if the writer knows the topic well, or is shallow in his knowledge. This has an impact on credibility.

* Does the website have any duplicate, overlapping content, or old and irrelevant articles on topics already written about?

* Are you duplicating too many keywords?

* Has the content been edited correctly? Does the content have grammar, spelling, style, or factual errors?

* Are the topics written about driven by genuine interests of the websites offerings for the target audience?

* Is the content and information original?

* what kind of quality control is done on content?

* How much value the information provides when compared to other ranking search result pages?

* Will make the user feel that the sites authors / writers are an authority on the subject / content being written about? What about author credentials?

* Is the content mass-produced by or outsourced to a large number of creators, or spread across a large network of sites, so that individual pages or sites don’t get as much attention or care?

* Would you recognize this site as an authoritative source when mentioned by name?

* Does the content come across as a complete or comprehensive description of the subject / topic?

* How about analysis or interesting information that not provided by other sites?

* Social friendliness – would you to bookmark the page or share with a friend, or recommend to others?

* What is the advertising policy? Yes this is imp as an excessive amount of ads that distract from main content?

* Is the content of the right length, substantial and has helpful specifics?

* Are the final pages with content produced with care and attention to detail?

* An imp point if you a transactional e-comm site – Would you be comfortable and trust giving your credit card information to this site?

There is much more to creating a search friendly website design like site speed, visual appeal, placement of banners, navigation, user friendliness, on-site search engine optimisation.

Hope this helped, keep visiting.

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