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You Should Try Social Commerce For These 6 Reasons

You should try social commerce for these 6 reasons

Not certain if opening a social media store is a smart move? Here are six arguments in favour of social commerce.

Social commerce turns shopping into a group activity.

Social commerce turns shopping into a group activity.

Compared to a conventional eCommerce spree, social media shopping is far more participatory.

Customers may quickly consult their friends about purchases, flaunt their stylish new hightops, comment on Aunt Jackie’s new “I Adore My Niece” t-shirt, read reviews from other informed shampoo buyers, and communicate directly with the kombucha brands they love.

Social commerce may be the ideal substitute for individuals who miss the companionship of a day at the mall. Read up on the current social media marketing statistics to understand and leverage the media best! 

Friction is reduced via social commerce

Friction is reduced via social commerce

View it, select it, and buy it. The consumer journey is made less difficult by social media stores, making it simple to proceed from discovery to purchase. They are present. The item is present. There is only the checkout to go.

In the end, each mouse click is a chance for a potential consumer to change their mind. This is a lot of time to lose their interest if they have to navigate from your advertisement to your website, add the product to their shopping cart, and enter their payment card information.

Remove the needless steps and let people shop while they are social. Refer to the variety of blogs available online to understand and leverage social media marketing strategies for your business. 

There is substantial financial gain to be made.

Numbers are truthful, just like Shakira’s hips. In the following three years, researchers predict that e-sales will reach $735 billion.

Bring your products to the web locations where your clients are already congregating if you want a piece of the action.

Shopping is the top priority for 48% of Pinterest users, while 81% of shoppers conduct their product research on Instagram and Facebook. Why not provide them with what they desire?

Social commerce gives you access to a quick focus group.

Social commerce gives you access to a quick focus group.

Social commerce not only expedites the transaction process but also provides a fantastic way to get feedback.

Your product catalogue is available for customers to evaluate and comment in public. Your customers can simply tell you what they like or dislike, therefore no crystal ball is necessary.

Why not ask your audience to vote while they’re there and to offer their opinions on matters regarding product development and inventory?

On social media, you have access to detailed information about your consumers and the chance to interact with them directly through dm based shopping tools

Millennials and Gen Z like to shop on social media.

If the 18 to 34 age group is your target market, they are already online and ready to shop as they scroll.

In 2019, 48% of Americans this age who use the internet made a purchase on social media. 27% of individuals in that group who haven’t tried shopping on social media yet have said they’re interested in doing so.

This is a contemporary mall. It’s time to get started! Partner with an experienced social media marketing agency to help you leverage the tools available today. 

You can market to very specific groups of people.

You have a fantastic opportunity to adjust and focus your advertising thanks to the enormous abundance of client data that is available on social media.

The flannel-loving equestrians out there can be directly advertised about your horse-print bathrobes. You may beam cute baby-sized sunglasses straight to the feeds of hip young dads.

In a way that traditional eCommerce and marketing cannot, social commerce gives you the option to put precise, ready-to-buy products in front of specific people who would enjoy them.

Which social commerce platforms are the best?

Currently, social platforms with social commerce feature number five. However, it’s probable that more of these social media brands will incorporate “shop now” alternatives as interest (and revenue) increase.

The current social commerce platforms are listed below.


You publish news on your Facebook business page, interact with fans, and display your adorable new logo. Why not take advantage of it to make a few sales and increase sales while you’re there? Create a Facebook Shop to enable you to do that.

Facebook Shops can be altered. Select which products or collections to highlight, and alter the typefaces, graphics, and colours to reflect your brand. Create a new product catalogue from start or import an existing one from your website.

Your Instagram profile, Instagram Shopping advertisements, shoppable stories, and posts can all direct people to your Facebook Shop.

When it comes to conversion, you can provide your customers the choice to use an in-app checkout or start a direct Messenger discussion with your company. They might be directed to your website as well.

When you start selling your goods on Facebook, you’ll probably experience a sudden surge of messages from buyers asking about product specifications, shipping, and sizes. Use an AI-powered customer care chatbot like Heyday to save time and guarantee that no query goes unanswered.

In Facebook Messenger DMs, the Heyday chatbot can respond to routine, easy questions for you and flag those that call for a more personal touch. Service to customers has never been simpler. Consult with a Facebook marketing agency to understand the depths of the platform! 


On Instagram, 60% of users find new products. Among them should be your items.

Users may purchase items that are featured in your images and videos anywhere in the app thanks to Instagram Shops.

A storefront page that can be customised by business profiles can serve as a carefully curated selection of available goods. Every item in your Instagram Shop catalogue will have an own detail page, complete with pricing, images, and a thorough description.

On Instagram, you may sell goods in a variety of ways. Businesses can identify their products in their Stories or posts using shopping tags. Additionally, brands can choose to showcase specific goods in post captions and bios.

You can also make sales using the special Shop page, which allows users to explore, save, and purchase goods listed by companies or labelled by creators.

Or, you may design an advertisement that includes a Shop tab location. The Ad will work as any other post or product listing in user feeds and display a “Sponsored” badge.

Additionally, Meta just unveiled a function that enables shopping through direct messages. The need is there, and the capabilities are always evolving. There are many instagram marketing agencies who can help you in case of any difficulties you may come across. 


Back in 2015, one of the earliest social media networks to allow users to shop was Pinterest.

However, there’s some information you should share right away: Pinterest does not only support social commerce.

Yes, Pinterest gives business accounts the option to create “Product Pins” (formerly known as Buyable Pins), which are shown in your company’s Pinterest Shop. Customers in the US who see a Buy button beneath a Pin can finish their transaction through a checkout process without ever leaving Pinterest.

It’s crucial to remember that items cannot be purchased through the app outside of the US, though. When you click on a lovely vase, Pinterest will redirect you to an eCommerce website where you can finish the purchase.

Is Pinterest still a useful tool for marketing your products? Yes, especially considering that 89% of Pinterest users utilize the site to get buying ideas.


Snapchat announced a closed beta launch of Brand Profiles in July 2020. One of the profile’s characteristics? a Shopify-powered “Native Store” experience that lets customers explore and make purchases directly from the app

With the aid of five officially recognised influencer accounts — Kylie Jenner, Kim Kardashian, Shay Mitchell, Spencer Pratt, and Bhad Bhabie — they launched the feature.

In the interim, a few additional businesses have received approval, and it’s likely that this capability will soon be extended to the rest of the non-Kardashian world.

Watch Kylie Cosmetics in the interim to see how she utilizes the “swipe up to shop” features of the app.

Social media sales are made possible by social commerce. Because it reduces friction from online purchase experiences that begin on social sites, it is a successful sales technique. Many people look through social media to find products they enjoy. Making it possible for them to proceed directly to checkout without having to leave the social network speeds up the process and lowers the possibility of shopping cart abandonment.

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