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Twitter Gets Ready to launch a new revenue stream

Finally there is some news in the air about the launch of a new revenue model by twitter. Apparently after months of speculation its seems twitter has decided to monetise the desire to collect more followers. Yes! Its quite interesting to note how one of most followed brands on the intrnet has had a tough time coming up with a viable revenue model. Not that its core investors doubt the twitter model, the sheer traction with users makes it worthy of a property investing in. Infact twitter and a few other models should be a great resource of learning for new internet entrepreneurs.

I am sure many of us heard of some twitter revenue model or the other expected months ago. Given that gaining followers is one of primary objectives on twitter it’s easy to understand why twitter would want to monetize a brand’s desire to have more followers, this provides a brand the ability to influence more interested prospects and this better ROI.

Twitter plans to reveal its latest advertising product where Businesses can pay to be included in the “Who to Follow” featured list. This will give brands an easy access to gain additional followers and thus additional visibility. I wonder what this means for Competing brands. I mean Twitter could very well target all those who follow dell with a Acer, IBM or any other competitor handle in the this feature.

From what I hear Promoted Accounts will be targeted toward users who have a common category or follower list that they follow and thus the possibility of users being more receptive to similar product / service category brands in the “who to follow” feature. While this sounds really interesting I wonder how the algorithm will ultimately differentiate between those who like to follow the ones whom you are not interested in following at all.

Given that the 2 earlier advertising products of twitter have met with mixed reactions from the market, it will be interesting to see the Advertisers reaction to the availability of this advertising option.

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